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I was in Austin for one night only (* in my Dreamgirls voice*) for an Allen Stone concert. I could not miss the opportunity to indulge in some good Austin treats. Austin is definitely a foodie town. In recent years several Austin imports have made their way to Houston and done really well, like Tiff’s treats, Whole Foods and Torchy’s Tacos. On this visit I stopped at Hopdoddy Burger Place a burger place in Austin that my bestie kept raving about.


Inside of HopDoddy.

Overall I liked HopDoddy, but I honestly do not like how their ordering process and seating set up because it results in a line that goes outdoors in the Texas heat. We placed our order to go so we got to wait in the AC. For everyone else, apparently you place your order at the counter and then a waiter goes and reserves a table for you while you are ordering. After ordering you go, sit and wait till your food arrives. The people waiting outside in the heat get to peak in and see all of those empty tables, albeit reserved empty tables, while they sweat outside. 

The menu!

Of course the food must be good for people to endure that line and it definitely is. I loved the burger, which was seasoned well. Their signature sauce also adds a nice touch. Their fries were definitely homemade, which I appreciated. I checked the foodie gossip rags, to see if there was any talk about building a Hopdoddy in Houston. Looks like talk of it stalled back in 2012, because that was the last article I found. Somehow the less worthy Texas city, Dallas :), got a Hopdoddy before us. Hopefully we are next in line.

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My burger and fries back at my hotel. Their eat-in presentation is much better than this.

I would be remiss if I did not touch on the rest of our trip! Several of my friends, my sister and I went to see one of our favorite artists, Allen Stone.  Staying with the whole “keep Austin weird” theme the secular concert was held in a church, in the sanctuary with the cross hanging in the background. I kept waiting for Jesus to show up and start throwing over pews.  Anywho it was a great show once you got past the venue! If you like soul music like myself, check out Allen Stone’s music on youtube or spotify. You will not regret it.


Allen Stone singing his little heart out at the concert on Saturday. 

We left the show and walked two blocks over to the famous 6th Street. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Austin’s 6th street think New Orleans’ Bourbon Street but wider a wider street.  It’s full of bars catering to every music type and crowd, young or old. The street is shut off to cars, so it makes it easier to bar hop. There was a biker rally that weekend so 6th street was packed, but we had a good time as usual.

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