Last month I shared nothing on this platform.  This was the first time since I created my blog that I let a month go by without putting fingers to my keyboard and sharing a new recipe, restaurant experience or travel.  I spent much of last month consumed with the Presidential election.  Sharing important news updates on my Instagram page, encouraging people to vote and even serving as a poll worker on election day.  After election day I jetted to San Diego with my sister for a much needed getaway.  We did not do much on this short trip that warrants a detailed blog post, but we did make a stop to one of the cutest brunch spots I’ve ever been to, Morning Glory San Diego

The Setup

Morning Glory Bar

A friend of mine visited San Diego a few months back and said “Morning Glory is DEFINITELY a Black Girls Who Brunch spot.”  So when someone tells me a brunch location fits my vibe, I must check it out.   We got a bit of a late start on Saturday, but made our way from our hotel the Manchester Hyatt to the Little Italy neighborhood to visit Morning Glory.  This neighborhood was PACKED.  A farmers market filled up a major street and people were spilling out of all of the patio restaurants.

Morning Glory is up a flight of stairs but you can’t miss it because the open concept restaurant calls you with it’s pink and gold colors from the street.  We danced our way up the stairs only to have our brunch dreams dashed by the hostess who told us it was a three hour wait.  YES three hours!

Donut Bar Cake Batter Donut White with Colorful Sprinkles

The lines everywhere else in the area were ridiculous too, so we decided to grab “a snack” and wait to see what the three hour fuss was about.  Thankfully they send a text when your table is ready so you are free to roam.  I grabbed this cake batter donut from the Donut Bar and my sister ordered a taco from the Taco Stand.   Super creative names around there, I tell you.  Two hours in and our table was FINALLY ready.

The Food and Drinks

Orange Joolius (sans alcohol)

Once inside we did the full tourist thing and took videos of the whole thing.  The inside is like the thing out of a movie.  So many details. Pink everywhere with accents of gold.  A champagne vending machine.  Even the protective plexiglass fits the theme with neon colors.

Close up of pizza with bacon topping

The Khachapuri

I ordered a Khachapuri, a Georgian dish that looked like a pizza to me.  I added a Crispy Scalloped Potato as a side dish.  My sister went with the popular souffle pancakes while our friend ordered the Morning Glory Fried Rice.  Often times if a place is super cute, little attention is paid to the food.  Here, I thought Morning Glory had an inventive menu which featured international favorites.  Most importantly, I really enjoyed the food AND drinks!

Morning Glory Fried Rice

Souffle Pancakes

The souffle pancakes.

The Takeaway

If the wait had not been so crazy, I would be 100% on board. With that crazy wait, I would recommend going during the week.  Or, having someone take one for the team , go and get you on the list early while you finish getting ready.   One thing though, once you are inside the food comes fast and the service is great.  Nothing is worse than getting inside and realizing the three hour wait is because they are slow or have a silly system.

Also, maybe one day I will make it back to San Diego when the world is truly open, it’s not so cold & rainy AND I have an actual itinerary/plan.