Hey friends! I am long over due for an updated favorite brunch spot lists.  Per usual, I am by no means claiming these are the best spots in town.  They just happen to be my favorites and the ones I recommend when asked by friends.  We will stick with this list for a year and as I encounter more, I will add them.  Go ahead and bookmark this post and check back occasionally.  So lets get in to the 2018 Favorite Houston Brunches list shall we?


2018 Favorite Houston Brunches

This should be no surprise to any long time BGWB follower.  Lucille’s has been my go to brunch spot for some time.   If you have not been, go ahead and put it to the top of your to do list.

State Fare

So many great reasons to visit State Fare for brunch and chief among them would be the flight of mimosas and the huge pancakes!

Brunch at State Fare -4

The mimosa flight.

Tiny Boxwood’s or Tiny’s No 5

2018 Favorite Houston Brunches -4

This spot stays on the list because it is just so stinking cute and the food is great too.  Be sure to grab one of their famous cookies too!

Phil & Derek’s

Phil & Derek’s offers a popular brunch buffet and $3 mimosa carafes.  Get there early because it fills up quickly!


I am probably the only Houston blogger that calls Adair a brunch favorite, but it is just so good.   If you love Adair, also consider visiting their sister concept Eloise Nichols Grill & Liquors.

Etta’s at Bar 5015

2018 Favorite Houston Brunches -3

Don’t quote me, but I would call Etta’s one of the most popular Sunday Funday brunch parties in Houston.  Great music, great cocktails and of course great bites from Etta’s!


Brunch at Poitin-4

The Poptarts!

If you are looking for something a bit different. I would go with Poitin.  Their menu includes childhood favorites like poptarts and a few southern favorites.  Plus, they have a great patio with beautiful views of downtown Houston.

Fig & Olive

Fig & Olive -1

So I haven’t actually visited Fig & Olive during brunch, but a happy hour and dinner visit has me ready to say YES it should be on your brunch list. Before you side eye me, note that many of their signature dishes such as the crositinis appear on all of their menus. So I feel comfortable saying this is a great brunch stop.

Present Company

Present Company -7

This is the only bar on the list, but it’s super cute and the tacos are actually enjoyable. If you are looking for a chill brunch spot with plenty of patio space, Present Company is for you.

Baba Yega

Because every brunch list needs to include a couple of brunch buffet options.  Baba Yega is really a Houston institution when it comes to brunch and you honestly cannot go wrong here.

A’ Bouzy

Brunch at A'Bouzy-1


As I said in my longer recap, brunch at A’Bouzy has all the things we love about brunch!  It is boozy, bougie plus great food.  Be sure to reserve a table ahead of time!

The Takeaway

Rule of thumb, if I blog about a restaurant that means I liked it and think you all will too.  If it makes it to a faves list that just means it is GOOD and it is a place that will revisit.  For all of my brunch picks be sure to check the “Brunch” tab on the BGWB home tab.

Like I said above, I plan to add to this list as time goes on.  If you have some faves that you think I should try be sure to add them to the comments!