As I share my latest restaurant review a few things come to mind.  First, whewww this feels weird?! It’s been so long.  Second, I feel the need to justify my outings to those who I know disagree.   While there are a series of new restaurant reviews on my page, my outings still remain few and far between with me mainly dining at home with takeout or home cooked meals.   Of the four-five times I’ve dined inside, I made a point to pick places where the experience could not be replicated at home.  Brennan’s of Houston s the epitome of a great dining experience that is best experienced in the restaurant if you can.  With that in my mind, I ventured to Brennan’s for a Houston Restaurants Weeks brunch with a group of friends and enjoyed one of my best meals of 2020!

The Setup

We decided on Brennan’s for the great food options, but also for their patio as it would aid in social distancing.  When we arrived, another group had booked the patio for a party.  We opted for a corner table in one of the main dining rooms instead.

For those new to Brennan’s, imagine an old mansion converted into a restaurant with different dining situated in different living spaces in the “house.”   In my opinion this works well for spacing and social distancing.  The room we sat in also had high back chairs which added an extra barrier between us and others.  Add to that adequate spacing between the tables and I felt very comfortable, with my mask on of course.

The Drinks

Not long after sitting down one of the waiters on the team serving us came around to offer us some cocktails.  This is truly an area that Brennan’s does well and even highlights during their week night happy hour.  If you are a fan of traditional New Orleans cocktails, you will find them all here and done well!

Mint Julep

The Food

Chicken and Pancakes

Okay now on to the food! When I tell you I ordered ALL the things at Brennan’s.   One of the beauties of Houston Restaurant Weeks is restaurants will often create special items that may not fit with their typical menu just for the occasion. They will also include classics and favorites.  Brennan’s menus checks off both of these boxes.

Ruby Red Grapefruit and Cabbage Salad

For the appetizer course, we started with the snapping turtle soup, cup of chicken and andouille sausage and the ruby red grapefruit and cabbage salad.  For the salad, think of more of a coleslaw considering that it has cabbage.   Also, only try it if you are a fan of grapefruit.   We all did really enjoy the soups and gumbos.   I will say that gumbo is one of the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant while my friend said the snapping turtle soup lived up to the hype.

Even their biscuits are good.

Next were the entrees.  I ordered the shrimp and grits which is served with goat cheese.  Cheesy grits is common, but goat cheese was new for me.  I thought it was excellent!  I would come back just for that.  We also tried the Creole Shaking Beef Tips and Fried Egg, the salmon, the chicken and pancakes plus sides (mac and cheese AND greens are so good!).   Y’all when I tell you ALL of this was amazing! You really could not go wrong with any of these options.

Creole Shaking Beef

The Salmon

Butcher’s Bacon made with pork belly!

Mac and Cheese


When you visit Brennan’s dessert is a must!  Their creole bread pudding is as pretty as it is good, but the showstopper is the tableside bananas foster.  They cook it right in front of you and serve it to you warm. Delicious.

Bananas Foster

The Takeaway

I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed every detail of this experience.  It felt great to get out of the house for one and to experience I high level dining experience with great food.  If you can, try to stop by Brennan’s before Houston Restaurant Weeks ends, either dining in or grabbing the items to go.