If you are an avid watcher of Real Housewives of Atlanta like me you are very familiar with the Original Hot Dog Factory!  When Porsha introduced her boo, Dennis McKinley on RHOA some years ago, they also introduced us to his restaurant, the Original Hot Dog Factory.   The brand recently began franchising across the country with a new location arriving right here in Houston.  The franchise owners happen to be two Houstonian sisters.   I stopped by a few weeks back with my own sister to try out the Original Hot Dog Factory Houston.  Check out the details below!

The Setup

The Original Hot Dog Factory is located on Studemont next door to Trez Art and Wine Bar, making it pretty easy to get to from downtown Houston and other area hot spots.  Personally, I loved seeing several black owned businesses in different communities!

Drink with menu behind it

Once inside, guests will find a casual spot with tables for dine in, patio tables and a bar.  Yes, that’s right they have a full bar with happy hour specials.  My sister noticed the appropriateness of the hendog drink specials (see what they did there!). During my visit half of the guests seemed to be grabbing food to go while others took seats in the restaurant while donning masks and socially distant from other guests.

The Food

The Original Hot Dog Factory Detroit Dog, chili cheese dog with fries

Detroit Hot Dog

For the food, of course we ordered hot dogs!   The regular hot dogs are beef hot dogs, but guests have the option of subbing out the beef hot dog for chicken or a vegan hot dog.  As far as the menu, it has tons of hot dog options plus burgers and other typical American fare.  I kept it simple and ordered the Detroit Dog, your standard chili cheese dog topped with onions because when I think of having a hot dog, these things are all required.  Delicious.  For sides, you can opt for fries or onion rings.

Keeping with the fair type food, the Original Hot Dog Factory serves fried oreos and funnel cake fries for a dessert.  Now, before you brush this off as something you have had before at the rodeo, consider the fact that they have fried golden oreos!  The superior version of oreos, in fried form is something I did not know I needed in my life!  The funnel cake fries are also delicious, almost like french toast sticks.   So yes, go there for the hot dogs which are good and make a point to grab some dessert too!

The Original Hot Dog Factory Fried Oreos

Fried Oreos

The Original Hot Dog Factory Houston Funnel Cake Sticks

The Takeaway

The Original Hot Dog Factory is a great opportunity to support a doubly black owned business with good bites.  Additionally, it is oozing with black girl magic as the owners are two black sisters running the whole operation themselves.   Take a moment and think about the restaurants you know and you will recall that most are owned by men or couples.  I applaud these two sisters for their entrepreneurism and look forward to seeing them grow their franchise!