My brunch game has been weak this year, not going to lie!  When the folks over at Postino invited me out to try to the brunch menu, I jumped at the chance to do some much needed catching up.  I have visited Postino before (check out the recap here if you missed that), but for happy hour not brunch.  I typically do not write two blogs about the same restaurant, but the brunch was so good it deserved its own write up!  Get in to Postino’s Brunch.

The Drinks

Postino's Brunch -Cucumber Honey Lemonade

At its core, Postino is a wine bar so of COURSE they have plenty of drink options.  We opted for a more traditional mimosa with prosecco and a bottle to share for the table.  The brunch drinks also include a White Peach Bellini and a Cucumber Honey Lemonade.  We all had a round of mimosas and my sister enjoyed her meal with the lemonade.   I am not one for cucumber flavored items, but she said it was amazing so take her word for it.

Two Glasses of Mimosas

The Food

Cast Iron Sticky Bread

Cast Iron Sticky Bread

Any stop at Postino requires an order of their famous boards.  For $15, you are able to pick four toppings each served on a large piece of bread sliced in fours.  These are great for sharing which is so fitting with brunch culture.

Postino's Brunch - Postino's Board

For our entrees, we each went for something a little different.   I ordered the Meatball Shakshouka a mediterranean dish that is becoming a popular brunch dish.  The Postino version is a play on their meatball appetizer with feta, soft boiled eggs and potatoes.  The dish has some spice to it perfectly seasoned.  Be sure to grab this one if you want something a little different.

Postino's Brunch

Postino's Brunch

My sister ordered the Focaccia Stack which includes arugula, fried egg, prosciutto and avocado.  On top of just being a pretty dish, it is also delicious.  My friend Alcheri went for the tuna panini and also enjoyed it.  In short there were plenty of options, heavy on the carbs which speaks to my soul!

Tuna Panini

The Takeaway

I love Postino any given day so it is really no surprise that I enjoyed their brunch.  Go ahead and add Postino’s Brunch to your brunch rotation folks!