Hello long lost friends! Earlier this week I realized that I had not drafted a blog post for the month of April and the month is half over.  In the five years that BGWB has existed that has never happened!  And in my month of absence a lot of “nevers” have happened!  I mean who woulda thunk that a national pandemic would take over 2020, require me to postpone Girls Love Crawfish, force us in to our homes for social distancing, close down all the fun businesses and sadly take the lives of thousands of people worldwide!

COVID or as black folks like to say the Rona has been a lot to deal with over the last few months.  The goal posts have shifted and more than anything I hope we are all being easy on ourselves.  Despite what that Instagram memes say, your time is not wasted if you fail to create the next million dollar idea during quarantine.  There is a lot of value in simple things like catching up on sleep and family time during these odd times.  With that said, I created a list of the random things I have filled my time with over the last month! Here are 10 Things I’ve Done During Quarantine!

Hosted a Zoom Party!

… that did not get hacked! I decided to create a Zoom Party with my family just to connect during these odd times.  Everyone seemed a bit reluctant at first asking “what is the point” and “what are we going to talk about.”  Honestly it felt like any holiday over at my aunt’s house.  Highly recommend connecting with family this way especially for those who are 65 or older and taking quarantining really serious.

Checked In With Friends

… but also gave people their space.  While some people are struggling without human interaction, there are quite few folks who are going full introvert and LOVING IT.   I consider myself to be an ambivert somewhere right in the middle and even I have found the alone time to be enjoyable.  I will say this check in on people but do not presume that everyone is in dire need of human interaction! Some of us are doing just fine!

Adjusted to Working from Home

Is it just me or do you find that you work more from home??  The day seems to never end and then there are teases.  You can literally see all of the mischief you can get in to after you clock out! I’m trying to stick to set hours and have a dedicated work space.   I will say that I appreciate being able to do laundry in between meetings or grab lunch and snacks from my full kitchen!

Got a Mini Skin Glow-Up

Listen there is one thing I refuse to do during this quarantine… put on makeup!  While I will continue to moisturize and such, makeup is out of the question.  My skin seems to be LOVING this break which tells me once I am back to work, I need to have a better makeup removal routine.  I basically have been sticking to my face wash, drinking my water and staying away from makeup!

Bought a House

Yeah I just slid that in there randomly.  Literally the week of the shut down, I closed on a house and rushed to move in.  This not so little project is partly why I have remained entertained while outside is closed.   I’ve painted.  Unpacked.  Decorated.  Furniture shopped online.  It has been quite enjoyable!

Bed with nightstand

My bedroom is VERY much a work in progress, but I wanted to show you the walls that I painted that I am SO proud of.

Here are a few of the things photographed above:

Paint Behr Evening White | Bed (originally intended for my second bedroom, but kinda like it for my bedroom and I like it) | The Sheets I talked about on my IG. | My favorite Target duvet

Which leads me to my next activity…

Organized my Pantry

A friend of mine said that the pandemic is likely anxiety inducing for all of us and throws us for a loop because we are so out of control.  I would say that our American ideals often lead us to believe that we are in more control than we actually are, but that is longer topic for another day.   Anywho… that same friend said to focus on smaller tasks that you can complete to help relieve your anxiety.

For me… organizing my pantry! The Container Store continues to have sales on pantry organization items and I honestly cannot resist! For my fellow bakers, my favorite thing so far has been the bakers kit I purchased.  Check it out on Amazon.

Spent WAY too much time on Instagram

This should be no surprise!  Instagram and Twitter are getting all of my time when I’m not working.   Building content around restaurants isn’t super easy, but I have managed to stay busy with a few rants here and there.  I also teamed up with my friends from the Black Blogger Clique to take part in one of the popular challenges.  Check out that post here.

Played my own version of Chopped

When my grocery store was FINALLY fully stocked again I stocked up a) because who knew if it would be stocked like this again anytime soon and b) I want to limit my trips out in public.  Now that I am towards the end of that large grocery store run, this has required some creativity on my part when it comes to using ALL of the things that I have purchased.

Another thing that I did is start freezing stuff.  I roasted a whole chicken for Easter and decided to freeze leftovers.  Later I threw in to a One Pot Pasta.  I also finally purchased an air fryer, so I’ve been experimenting for the last week and enjoying it!

Burger with bacon on wooden plate

I made homemade brioche buns with panko breaded chicken thighs in the air fryer.

Caught up ALL the Shows

  • Black AF on Netflix – basically Blackish with cuss words
  • Just Mercy – rented it on Apple.
  • The Pharmacist – There are some race themes that I wish they would have addressed, however I thought it was interesting. (Netflix)
  • Tiger King – a mess of a story that everyone needs to have an informed opinion on. (Netflix)
  • Insecure is back! After a year hiatus it came back just in time.  Not in love with the season so far but I will continue watching.
  • Mrs. America- a retelling of the vote on the Equal Rights Amendment including an episode dedicated to THE Shirley Chisholm (FX/Hulu)
  • The Clark Sisters Movie (Lifetime/Hulu)
  • Atlanta Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children on HBO covers the deaths of black children in Atlanta during the 80s.  If you find that interesting, also check out Season 2 of Mindhunter.
  • The Last Dance (ESPN) – I enjoy the communal experience of watching new shows together so yes I will be watching the Last Dance although I do not consider myself a huge Michael Jordan fan.
  • The Morning Show on Apple TV – I’m late on this one, but it’s good and I highly recommend.

Support my Favorite Restaurants

While I do believe we should be staying in the house as much as possible, I am finding a way to balance that.  I’ve grabbed takeout from some of my favorite restaurants and ordered on some delivery apps as well.  I am finding that pick-up has been much better than delivery and I of course share my pick-ups and deliveries on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there.

Crawfish, cornbread and eggs

Crawfish & Cornbread from Etta’s Pop-up at Leeland House.

How are you guys managing social distancing?