The week after Christmas brings about time for reflection.  We start to think about what the year entailed and what we want to manifest for 2020.   This time last year, I was manifesting being intentional in all aspects of my life.  While there are still some areas of my life that could use a little more intention… one area that was not lacking was travel.  I knew I wanted to travel more in 2019 and travel I did.  Some of these places I recapped on my blog, others I just shared on my social media.  I typically write more for my audience, but this one right here is more for me.  2019 had some lows, but I always want to remember the highs many of which came from travel.  May I never forget all of the fun travel experiences that occurred in the year 2019!  So here it is, my 2019 Travel Recap.

Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Liberty Bell

A work conference brought me to Philly for the first time this year and the history lover that I am HAD to go to Independence Hall to see where this Democracy experiment began.  I also made a stop over to Reading Terminal Market.  As one of American’s oldest public markets, it is often credited as the originator of the Food Hall concept that we are seeing takeover Houston.

Soul Food from Reading Terminal

I visited Reading Terminal Market THE best food hall for Keven Parker’s Soul Food Cafe. SO good.

Independence Hall -Philadelphia

Back to Pike Place Market in Seattle

Public Market Center Sign

I stopped through Seattle briefly again this year.  For this trip, I did not leave my hotel too much (Fairmont Olympic Hotel is THE best), but I did make one trip back to Pike Place Market and got what is probably one of my favorite photos of 2019.  I also visited the Shucker’s Restaurant in the Fairmont.  The crab mac and cheese has been added to my must stops for my next Seattle visit.

The Wonders of Lake Tahoe

Tahoe goes down as one of my favorite surprises for 2019.  The tourism board invited me to Tahoe and me not being much of an outdoorsy person, I did not think I would like it too much.  But I LOVED it.  So pretty and plenty to do year around.  If you are looking for the best time to go, be sure to check the Tahoe North events website.  I will certainly be back!

Reno and Virginia City

Wild Mustangs on top of a cliff - Virginia City, NV

In addition to Lake Tahoe, I also visited Reno and Virginia City.  The art in Reno stands out to me with much of it influenced by Burning Man.  But for Virginia City, the pack of wild mustangs were one of the coolest thing I saw all year.  I was able to get super close to them as they roamed around the city.

The Best Kept Secrets in Beaumont

Weekend in Beaumont Texas

Okay this was another shock for 2019.  Beaumont, our little cousin to the East, has tons of good food and things to do!  I was pleasantly surprised and have been telling everyone who will listen that Beaumont is a good time!

First Trip to Asia – Taiwan

I marked another continent off the bucket list with my first trip to Asia.   I enjoyed the culture, the food, the people of Taiwan and the long flight was not too bad either!  After that successful trip, places like Singapore and Thailand moved up on my bucket list.

Flamenco in Madrid

12 Things to Do and See in Madrid-70

I made my third trip to Europe, this time adding in Madrid and a return trip to Rome.  Watching the super talented Flamenco Dancers in Madrid is something I will NEVER forget.  One of the best cultural experiences I’ve ever had on a trip.

Chicago to Celebrate

I made a brief trip to Chicago to celebrate my best friend’s new house! Her housewarming theme was a Breakfast/Brunch, so it is apparent why we are friends!   This trip was short, but Chicago is always a good time!

The History of Charleston

Aiken Rhett House Slave Quarters

Slave Quarters in the Aiken Rhett House in Charleston.

People always thought I was odd when I said I wanted to go to Charleston! But I knew this city had SO much history and culture.  I went in to this trip with high expectations and it met every single one of them.  The African American history alone has me thinking about going back in 2020.

Photoshoots in LA

A Few More Stops from Los Angeles-11

This year, I went back to Los Angeles ’cause the flight was cheap and I wanted to be like everyone else and go somewhere on Memorial Day Weekend!  I saw a lot of the same things as my previous trips, but this time I literally had photoshoots all around town.  I had photos to share for months, thanks to my blogger friend who came along with me.

Wine in Fredericksburg

Visiting Fredericksburg, Texas-22

A mimosa plus the Herb Farm views!

Finally made it out to Texas wine country.  The wine was great, most of the food I had was mehhh.  I will be back at some point though.

Washington DC

President Barack Obama Portrait

I made a stop through Washington DC this year too.  I lived in the DMV for about a year and love the city more now after leaving it.  We went back to the Smithsonian which just as amazing the second time around.  For this trip, we also ventured out to the nightlife including Marvin and 12 Stories DC.  We also made a stop at the National Portrait Gallery to see THE Obamas.  Oh how I miss them.

Back to Rome

Back to Rome -42

Rome remains one of my favorite cities in the world.  Any city with great food and history will always get me and Rome is the convergence of these two things.  For this trip, I visited a few new things including the inside of the Colosseum.  Definitely worth it!

Getaway to Dallas

Woman writing with dog in foreground

After all of that traveling, a slowdown refresh and renew trip was needed! I stayed in the Getaway Houses near Dallas which are small modern cabins.   I loved it and cannot wait to do another one.

The Takeaway

Whew!  In addition to all of those trips, I made three trips to Austin for work.  While I did not blog about it, the trips were great experiences for me career wise and allowed me to overcome imposter syndrome that many young women experience at work!

Per usual, I also explored my hometown of Houston like none other.  I recapped the highlights on my blog and social media of course.   I took all of that and created THE Houston Itinerary for my cousins when they visited this year.  It was probably one of the best weekends I had all year and it happened to be in my hometown.

If you are thinking about traveling more in 2019, be sure to check out my tips on How to Score a Flight Deal and How to Travel For the Low.