*My stay at the Getaway Dallas was covered by Getaway, but the opinions are my own* 

I am back from my last trip of 2019! If you have been following along all year you know I’ve been on quite a few.  Check out the recaps here.   This one was totally different than the others though, it involved a road trip to the middle of nowhere and a stay in a small cabin.   Can I just say that I do NOT do the outdoors, camping or ruffing it.  It is not my ministry!  I stepped outside of my box and decided to do a getaway with a few friends, my sister and a dog.  All and all I loved my stay at the Getaway Dallas!  Get in to my details and tips below.

How It Works

Getaway Cabin Exterior

Getaway has created a comfy camping experience for people like me.  On the go millennials who are glued to their phones and do not take the time to stop to smell the roses.  With locations outside of Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Washington DC, Portland, New York, Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Getaway is offering you an escape from the city life to rural parts of the country just outside of major cities.

For our Getaway, we opted for the Dallas location which is about 3.5 hours from Houston.  While Getaway plays up the disconnecting from technology and getting back to nature, it is realistic with its audience!  So while it strips away things such as televisions, wifi and computers, there are still basic comforts of home like running water and a stove.   When you think about it, it is such a good example of how millennials work.  We love a bit of nostalgia like camping with your family as a kid with some modern twists.  For a purest this may not be your jam, for a city girl like myself I was FOR IT.

Cellphone Box

This made for great earring storage.  I need my cellphone handy!

Our Stay

Getaway Dallas Cabin inside

The website provides quite a few details, but once you book you receive additional information about the outpost including the actual address.  In the days leading up to my arrival I received text messages and emails from the Getaway staff.  Two hours before arriving, we received a map of the outpost, our assigned cabin, and the key code to get in.  Check-in started at 3pm and we arrived just in time.  We assessed the cabin (so cute!) and then headed out to get food.  That was about an hour excursion down country roads to a country store that didn’t have too much, but enough for us to make a dinner of hot dogs and chips.

Woman looking at woods


Back at the cabin, we started our fire with the tools provided by Getaway.  My friends Alcheri and Cherelle joined my sister and I on this trip and honestly we were grateful for them!  They are what we affectionately call “nature girls”!  After a break in thunder storms, Cherelle got our fire going and we put our hot dogs on the grill.  We heated up some chili on the stove as well. Getaway also provided  s’mores for later that night, but unfortunately storms rolled in and we were unable to get our fire started again.

Dog and Campfire

My sister’s dog Hendrix came along for the trip! A lot of other guests had dogs too.


For the evening, we used the small table inside to play cards and other games.  My sister and Cherelle brought their guitars and enjoyed playing in the large picture window in the cabins.  We honestly did not fully disconnect and did use our phones for our entertainment!  Look we are true millennials.  Finally, we made our way to our full size beds for sleep.  The beds were really comfortable! My only complaint is the top bunk does not have much space to sit up.  We packed up the next morning and headed out.  Our getaway was less than 24 hours, but enjoyable and a great way to recharge.

Getaway Dallas Cabin at Night

The large window inside of the cabin is honestly the highlight.

Woman playing guitar

What Is Included

Basically everything, but you.

  • In the bathroom there are large body towels (bring a small face towel or loofah), a few tampons, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  Emails we received before our stay asked us to use the soaps provided because they are biodegradable.
  • If you do not have time to make it to the store, there is some food for purchase in the cabin including pasta, pasta sauce and oatmeal.   You can also purchase a s’mores kit because if you have a fire pit and don’t roast s’mores did it happen?!
  • Fire wood, a fire starter and a fire pit outfitted with a grill are all stored outside.  Other guests were smart and brought tents to cover the fire from the onslaught of rain.
  • A couple of books if you forget to bring your own.
  • Plates, silverware, foil, pots and pans.  The pots and pans are nice calphalon ones so you are not supposed to use those on the fire pit outside! Bring your own for that or just use the grill.
  • A bluetooth speaker, because again technology subtly finds its way throughout the cabin.
  • A chargeable lantern.  This was NECESSARY when it go really dark outside.

Know Before You Go 

  • Pack light.  The space is small and you will be mad at yourself for hauling that gigantic suitcase there.  Getaway equips your cabin with pretty much everything you need!
  • Check in as at 3pm and in the winter, I would HIGHLY recommend arriving at 3pm.  I have never seen darkness like I saw at the outpost!  We had about three hours of daylight remaining when we arrived.  And let me tell you I have NEVER experienced darkness like I did that night in the Getaway cabin.
  • Go to the store before you head to the getaway.   We waited to visit a local store and honestly wasted daylight.
Three women in matching pajamas with guitars

Matching pajamas are always in style :). And yes, your girl was SANGING!

Final Thoughts 

I really loved my Getaway!  It was a great way to recharge and disconnect from technology.  I could see myself going away for a solo getaway or a writing weekend in the middle of nowhere with no distractions.  If they build one closer to Houston, they may  see me frequently!

Woman writing with dog in foreground

If you are interested in a getaway, be sure to use my code BRUNCH25 to get $25 off of your first stay.  This works for all locations!