The Los Angeles recap continues!  There were a few more spots I visited that you should definitely include on your next weekend trip to Los Angeles.

The Broad

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Visiting a museum has quickly become one of my favorite things to do when I travel.  This go around, my friend recommended that we visit the Broad, a museum focused on pop culture that is typically free! You can reserve a time ahead of time online.  To avoid the lines, we opted to pay for the special exhibition “Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power 1963-1983.”  As you can imagine, this exhibit was everything and then some.

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In addition to the Soul of a Nation exhibit, we enjoyed work from several other popular artists like Jeff Koons and Basquiat.  Plan to spend some time here to really see it all.  And remember, do not touch!


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The Henry

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After a long day of walking around West Hollywood, we hit OpenTable to find a good restaurant for drinks and light bites.  The Henry was close, had open tables and decent reviews.  When we arrived, I saw a film crew filming a very West Hollywood looking couple.  I of course had to ask our server for the details on this scene.  Apparently, they were filming a scene for Vanderpump Rules. To know me is to know that I love every Bravo reality tv show including this one.   Matter of fact, I was just down the street taking photos at Sur!  I didn’t recognize any of those filming, but I will certainly look for this scene next season!

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As far as the Henry, it was good American fare! It reminded me of a combination of Fig & Olive and True Food Kitchen.  We nibbled on a truffle pretzel and other light bites.

Griffith’s Observatory

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Any trip to LA should include a trek up to the Griffith’s Observatory.  You really feel like you are on top of the world with the whole city beneath you.  The view from the observatory also provides the best views of the Hollywood sign.

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Urban Light at LACMA

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Okay do you remember “No Strings Attached” with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis?  They visited this outdoor exhibit on one of their dates and I have been determined to go.  It is basically a free art installation that includes over 200 street lamps.  The symmetry makes for some cool Instagram worthy photos.

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Beverly Hills

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Have you ever been to place and thought “while my wallet says different, I was meant to live here!”  That is Beverly Hills for me!  We spent an afternoon walking around this area just enjoying the palm trees and pretty scenery just beyond Rodeo Drive.

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Blu Jam Cafe

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We also stopped over at the Blu Jam Cafe for breakfast.  It had great reviews and came highly recommended by fellow bloggers.  Their crunchy french toast is a must! Many have tried the cereal french toast combination and it often ends up soggy.  Here at Blu Jam it really maintains it’s crunch.  They have locations all over LA too making it a convenient breakfast/brunch spot.

The Takeaway

LA is a huge city with so much to do.  Each time I go, I find myself exploring a different area or finding a new restaurant to love. What are your favorite places to visit in LA? Be sure to share in the comments!