My birthday celebrations continued this past weekend with a birthday trip to Chicago. Now, the main attraction for this trip was my best friend’s daughter’s birthday party.  She turned five and just so happens to have a birthday the day before mine.  After her daughter’s  unicorn extravaganza” my bestie treated me to brunch at Fremont Chicago, because what is a better gift for someone like me?!  So here is a peek in to the Chicago brunch scene with my review of the Brunch at Fremont Chicago. 

The Setup

The first thing that guests should know is Fremont is literally a night club that rolls out a full brunch buffet/day party on the weekend.  I have seen tons of places try to make this happen back home in Houston and I gotta give Fremont props as they do this REALLY well.

So here is how the transformation happens.  The “sections” you see at night now are now called “booths” that can accommodate bigger parties.  Then the main bar on the first floor becomes the base for much of the brunch buffet. Decked out with waffles, fruit, salads, pizza and sliders, guests really can find just about anything that meets their taste buds.  A temporary station is just to the right of that serving made to order omelettes plus a carving station.  There is also an Instagram ready donut wall on the main floor which you know I had to get a picture of. 

runch at Fremont Chicago-10

Donut wall!

The top floor looks down on to the main floor and seems to be were the true brunch party happens.  There are large windows that are open allowing the June breeze to flow through the space. I took note of this simply because this could never happen in Houston.  Upstairs included several bars and large televisions displaying World Cup games.   Important to note, the bars are open seating and were pretty much full within 30 minutes of opening.  The booths/tables must be reserved ahead of time and have a two hour time limit.  Basically, you ain’t about to be posted up in their sections all day! You will have to give those seats up at some point and look cute standing in open areas. 

The Food:

I gave you a bit of the run down above, but lets get in to the details.  So it is an all you can eat buffet for just $40, but since folks are trying to be cute they really just nibble.  I tried a lot of things and if I had to rate it collectively I would say it is slightly above average as far as the food.  What makes this a must stop of course is the atmosphere. 

Brunch at Fremont Chicago-4

The salad bar

My favorite items were the brisket from the carving station, mini waffles from the waffle bar and a broccoli dish that was bomb.  I also enjoyed the andouille sausage which the chef had to explain to each guest as a “cajun sausage.” Ha!  Other decent items were the mac and cheese and the plain cheese pizza.  They were not bad and I would probably eat them again if I am being honest, they just were nothing to write home about.  In addition to those items, there was chips & queso, sliders, and a full dessert bar.   With so much variety though, everyone can find something on they enjoy.

Brunch at Fremont Chicago-6

These cute minis were out for Pride Weekend.

Brunch at Fremont Chicago-3

Another shot of the dessert bar

The Drinks

Brunch at Fremont Chicago-1


So for just twenty bucks more you are able to purchase an unlimited mimosa package and trust they do mean unlimited.  Since we sat at the bar, our bartender never let our glasses go below half full.  Now there is still a full bar where you can purchase drinks, but it is brunch so we stuck with mimosas.   There were dispensers with various juices all around the bar with little carafes so you can serve the juice just how you like it.  I will also note, that there champagne was good too.  Bottomless mimosas usually comes with super cheap champagne that gives me an instant headache. I felt fine after three mimosas though! 


Brunch at Fremont Chicago-9

Fun times!

I will not pretend to know the Chicago brunch scene, but I can say all of my Chicago friends seems to enjoy Fremont! As a tourist, I really liked it! Great food, great vibes and a crowd that was diverse as the city.   If you plan to stop by be sure to either arrive early or have a reservation!