Let’s talk about brunch people! I get so excited when I have a new brunch recommendation.  Mainly because I know that is why many of you come here and I try to give the people what they want!  A few weekends ago, a foodie friend and I visited BB Italia for brunch.  BB Italia is the sister restaurant to one of my all time favorites, B&B Butchers.  So you can imagine I was excited to visit and even more excited to visit for brunch.  Get in to this breakdown of Brunch at BB Italia!

The Setup

BB Italia is off of Memorial on the Westside of town.  There is a bit of construction nearby so keep that in mind as you maneuver out that way.  There is also a large church across the street and I imagine they account for most of the brunch crowd at the restaurant.

Brunch at BB Italia - Outdoor Patio

As far as the space, from the outside I anticipated a small cozy space. I could not have been more wrong.  Inside, there is one large dining area to the left, a nice size bar on the right hand side and a patio outside.   What really sets the space apart to me though, are the private rooms.  There are several private rooms that can accommodate a small dinner and larger rooms that can accommodate a full on party with a DJ.   During our visit, one of the rooms was prepped for a baptism celebration while staff was tearing down a 60th birthday party in one of the larger rooms.   I will definitely be adding this to my Houston Birthday Dinner list!

The Food and Drinks

The best part about brunch menus is they give you a little of everything.   You can catch the traditional breakfast fare like waffles or pancakes or go for the heavier lunch or dinner items.  BB Italia definitely has the standard breakfast items, but seeing as we were at an Italian restaurant, why not go for the Italian food!

We started out with a warm loaf of bread.  I probably could have eaten just that and walked away satisfied! It was a really great bread.  Next up, we ordered the bacon parmigiana.   If you know anything about the sister restaurant B&B Butchers, you know their bacon is amazing! It is so good that they offer it as just an appetizer by itself.  So here, that same bacon is topped with mozzarella and tomato sauce.   It is not a concept I would thought of, but it is SO good.  Be sure to order that.

Brunch at BB Italia- Bacon Parmigiana

For our entrees, my friend ordered the bolognese and I grabbed the lasagna.  It is rare for me to not like a dish that combines cheese, pasta and tomato sauce!  We both enjoyed our dishes and thought the flavors were good.  At this point, we were stuffed, but the cannoli at BB Italia is amazing so I took two to go.  On my next trip visit, I probably will go for the pizzas which looked pretty tasty.

Brunch at BB Italia

Brunch at BB Italia -Bolognese

Brunch at BB Italia- Cannoli

The Takeaway

Add BB Italia to your brunch rotation especially if you are looking for something a little different.  By my count there are not too many Italian restaurants with a dedicated brunch which makes it all the better!