It is time to add another brunch spot to your repertoire friends!  I recently visited FM Kitchen and Bar to try out their new brunch items.  They kept quite a few of your favorites and added some new items that are sure to be crowd pleasers!  Get in to this recap of the FM Kitchen & Bar Brunch below!

The Setup

On my last visit to FM Kitchen and Bar I was relegated to the indoor space.  In the years since that visit, the owners have expanded the outdoor offerings and added some Instagram worthy murals as well. During our visit, most of the guests opted for outdoor seating.  Majority of it is covered and shady making it the perfect brunch patio.

The Drinks

FM Kitchen & Bar Brunch-1

FM Kitchen of course has you covered with traditional mimosas (champagne and oj), but they take it up a step with a few flavors that you probably won’t see anywhere else. Like a cucumber mimosa and pineapple flavor too! Guests can grab a carafe of their choice.  There are other cocktails available such as froses and milkshakes to capture everyone’s tastebuds.

The Food

FM Kitchen & Bar Brunch-6

The bread basket!

We tried SO many items so pardon me if I forget something.  For me, French Toast is the way to my heart so lets start there.  First off, isn’t this dish just so pretty?!  The bright colors just made my mouth water.  Note that this french toast is a little different as it is stuffed.  The outside is crunchy while the inside is softer.  I loved it especially the crunchy outside.  My other favorite would have to be the bread basket (noticing a theme here? Ya girl LOVES some carbs).   Do yourself a favor and order one of these for the table and make sure you get one of the homemade biscuits.  Similar to the french toast, it has a nice crunchy outside, with a soft inside.  Delicious! Plus they have a magic butter that happens to be sweet and salty at the same time.

FM Kitchen & Bar Brunch-10

The French Toast

FM Kitchen & Bar Brunch-7

Smashed Avo Toast 

The new brunch menu still features items such as avocado toast (’cause the millennials love it) and chicken fried steak & eggs (’cause Texas).  Both of these dishes were popular amongst my blogger group.  The newer items include an FM Hash topped with a sunny side egg.  A hash is always a great hearty breakfast and this one has some spice to it! There is also the Lox ‘n Everything Bun, the FM benny and a nutter butter banana pudding (not exclusively on the brunch menu).  In short, there is a little something for everyone!

FM Kitchen & Bar Brunch-4

FM Benny

FM Hash

FM Kitchen & Bar Brunch-9

Chicken fried steak & eggs

 FM Kitchen & Bar Brunch-5

Nutty Butter Banana Pudding

The Takeaway

If you are looking for a cute, chill brunch spot in the heart of the city then add FM Kitchen to your list.  As I said above, the highlight is the patio space so get there soon before the Houston summer makes it impossible!