I get SO excited to share new brunch spots on the blog! I know that is what many of you come here looking for so I try to oblige.  Last weekend, I visited True Food Kitchen for an early afternoon Saturday Brunch.  Forget what you thought about this restaurant and get in to this True Food Kitchen Brunch recap!


For this tasting I trekked out to the Woodlands to take part in their family and friends day before the location’s grand opening.   I gotta say, out of all the Houston suburbs, the Woodlands continues to have restaurants that are on par with what you woudl find in the city center.  No worries, if that is far for you though.  There is a location in the Galleria area and Post Oak and San Felipe. 

The Woodlands location is much larger and almost grander in an earthy kind of way.  There is a large patio for outside dining.  Inside, the main dining area is large and parts of the kitchen are visible to guests.  I always enjoy that kind of transparency.  The space also includes floor to ceiling windows which are a food bloggers dream. ALL the natural light makes this location so pretty and fits with the earthy/healthy vibe.


rue Food Kitchen Brunch-6

So refreshing!

Maybe it is just me, but when a restaurant’s claim to fame is providing healthier options, I immediately assume they will either not serve alcohol or their drinks will be trash.  This does not apply to True Foods as all.  Their dedication to fresh ingredients shows through in the drinks as well as the food.  I mean I ordered a plain ole pineapple orange mimosa and one would think they juiced those oranges to order!  I have had mimosas more times than I can count and this was honestly one of the best ones I have had primarily because of the freshness.  Loved it.

True Food Kitchen Brunch-1


True Food Kitchen Brunch-7

For those that prefer drinks with alcohol, try out the Honey Lemonade.


Not going to lie to y’all, the True Foods menu can be a bit intimidating for me! While the restaurant has dishes you have heard of, they put healthier spins on them by using meat substitutes or gluten-free options. So a standard pasta dish may include eggplant instead. I went with what I knew, the Chicken Fennel Pizza, and let me tell ya I did not regret it! The chicken sausage is light yet flavorful.  The sauce is super flavorful.  It also makes for the perfect brunch dish, because while light it is a good go between for breakfast and dinner.

True Food Kitchen Brunch-11

The Johnny Cakes with quinoa caught my attention too so I ordered those in addition to my pizza.   Don’t let the creative name fool you, these are your basic run of the mill pancakes with cinnamon added to elevate the flavor.  I personally put cinnamon in just about any sweet breakfast item so that was a win for me.   As far as the quinoa, I am not sure what it added to the dish as quinoa has no flavor.  It added a bit of texture and I guess added protein is a win for some folks.  Even though to me it added nothing it also did not take away from the dish.   

True Food Kitchen Brunch-3

My sister ordered the grilled artichoke pesto pizza and the sweet potato hash.  She devoured both so we can safely assume they were good.  Aesthetically, both were beautiful dishes with bright natural colors. 

True Food Kitchen Brunch-5

Sweet Potato Hash

True Food Kitchen Brunch-4

Grilled Artichoke and Pesto Pizza

The Takeaway

The biggest takeaway here is do not be intimidated by the “healthy” moniker because healthy can totally mean “good” as well! Their menu includes tons of options on the True Food Kitchen brunch menu so you are bound to find something you will enjoy!