In the weeks leading up to my trip to Aruba, work had been CRAZY busy.   As I sat at my desk counting down the days till Aruba, all I could think was “rest and relaxation.”  So I set out to find the excursions that offered just that.  At first glance De Palm Island looked more like an island paradise for families.  A little digging and a found enough to convince me that De Palm was perfect for our travel crew as well! Check out all of the that De Palm Island Aruba has to offer below!

The Inclusions

De Palm Island Aruba-1

The splash park for the kiddos.

For about $100, guests can enjoy the private island of De Palm from 9-5pm.  The day starts with shuttles from the local hotels to the De Palm dock to catch the ferry over to the private island.   Since we were out in the boonies in a rental house, we drove ourselves over to the island.  Luckily for us, De Palm island was pretty much in the neighborhood of our rental house. Being so close, we planned to get there early to ensure we were on the first ferry over to the island.  I had a vision of hoards of families getting off those shuttle buses and taking over the island before we got a chance to scope it out! That honestly did not happen during our trip, but I still recommend getting there early to maximize your money!

De Palm Island Aruba-5


The island kind of operates like those private islands owned by cruise ships.  Once on the island, everything is free and unlike cruise ships, free includes alcoholic beverages!  Since we were there all day, we started out with breakfast when we arrived and ate lunch later in the afternoon.  Both breakfast and lunch included buffets with options for every diet.    Were these the best meals this food blogger has ever eaten? No, but they were decent and free always tastes better!

De Palm Island Aruba-2

The bar and restaurant

In addition to the food, many of the water activities are included in the price as well.   There was a banana boat, snorkeling, beaches, zip lining, a small water park for kids and tons of other stuff.  Now, while I was sold on all of those things when I booked I literally did none of them.  Rest and relaxation took over!

The Extras

De Palm Island Aruba-3

Our Cabana!

What is included in the price is enough to make it worth it, but the extras that we indulged took our experience up a notch.  Lets start with the private cabana we booked in advance for the eleven us for about $30 each.  While the island has public cabanas available on a first come first serve basis, the private cabanas are MUCH better.  There are only three on the island and each features a private entrance in to the water, a locker and fridge. We were also greeted with two bottles of sparkling wine and juice for mimosas! A couple of my aunts had never had mimosas before (can you believe it?) so we of course had to get them one or two!

I laid up in that cabana all day long.  We had a sundeck plus a covered area. It was perfect! I only left to eat and for my massage.  That’s another extra that I just had to splurge on!  My sister and I did the couples massage because it saved us a few bucks and it was probably the best part of my trip.   The room opened up to the ocean so you could hear waves as you relaxed.  If you are interested in this, I recommend signing up as soon as you step on the island.  There are only so many spots.

De Palm Island Aruba-7

Random Notes and Tips

De Palm Island Aruba-4

The show he put on when we arrived.

For the kids one of the big highlights were the animals on the island from the lizards to the fish.  The biggest highlight included a flock of peacocks with a male showboat who put on a show for us when we arrived on the island.  A little girl actually chased him in to our cabana leaving me trapped in stare down for about twenty minutes! Before you judge me, I’v’e always heard that peacocks are mean! So I sat still as he paraded around the cabana,  hopped on a chair oh and took a poop.

A few other things to know… when booking check google to find the best price.  During my visit, Expedia had the best deal.  Also the island was under construction in April, so the main grill and bar were actually closed.  I imagine all of this will be fixed by peak summer season.  As far as what to bring, go with standard beach items like towels, sunscreen and bathing suits.  If you forget something, there is a store there to pick up necessary items.  All and all, it is a great way to spend a day in Aruba.