I am embarking on a slow mission to try some new brunch spots so that I can update my brunch faves for 2018! First on the list, a stop over to State Fare.  I have blogged about State Fare in the past, but had yet to try their brunch menu which everyone seems to rave about.  Well add me to the fan club because the Brunch at State Fare is SO good.  Check out all the details below!

The Location

Since my last visit, State Fare did a pretty extensive remodel.  The color concept changed and barriers were added to divide up spaces in the main dining area.  Some things did not change though.  There is still a large bar which was packed during my visit.  Another highlight for me, the large community style tables throughout the restaurant.  These are perfect for large groups and just earned State Fare a spot on my Houston Birthday Dinners list.

The Drinks

Brunch at State Fare -4

The mimosa flight.

During a visit to State Fare for my birthday I fell in love with the flight of frozen cocktails.  Imagine my excitement when I learned that State Fare offers a flight of mimosas during brunch! For just $14 bucks you can enjoy four mimosas including grapefruit, orange, pineapple, and blood orange.  The pineapple mimosa was easily my favorite so I will probably go for a carafe of that on my next visit.

As far as other cocktails, State Fare has one of the largest brunch drinks menus I have ever seen.  If you cannot find something you like here, it is you not them!  In addition to the mimosa flight, they offer a bloody mary flight and the frozen cocktail flight.  There are a few other brunch cocktails like the paloma and a few spins on bloody marys.  In short, don’t skip the cocktails!

The Food

Brunch at State Fare -3

The panckae!

Similar to the cocktail menu, the brunch food menu is HUGE too.  My sister and I had a hard time picking just one thing to order, so we did what anyone would do.  Ordered several things!  As far as menu offerings, State Fare kind of reminds me of a Cracker Barrel, but obviously better and fancier.  For me, I could not pass up the opportunity to order one of the XXL pancakes.  Guests can add thing such as fruit and chocolate chips, but I kept it plain.  As the photo demonstrates, they are not exaggerating when they say this thing is super large.  I swear this thing could feed a whole family.   They even have ask if you want two!  I just might pay to see someone eat two of those things ’cause I doubt it is possible!

Brunch at State Fare -2

My hash browns. This typically come with grilled onions, but I went without those.

I also ordered a side of loaded hash browns topped with bacon and Tillamook cheddar cheese.  When I tell you those hash browns were SO good! The bacon was thick and crispy while the cheddar cheese added a nice flavor.  The hash browns themselves were thick slices of potato offering a nice filling serving.  My sister opted for the queso loaded hash browns which come topped with queso, pico, salsa and sour cream. With that she also ordered the huevos rancheros.  We both walked away stuffed and satisfied!

Brunch at State Fare -6

Queso hash browns!

Brunch at State Fare -12

Huevos Rancheros.

The Takeaway

The Takeaway here is simple, get to State Fare as soon as possible for their amazing brunch!