We are all friends here so I can be honest with you.   For the longest time, if you mentioned “ramen” to me my mind instantly went back to that sodium filled childhood favorite.   It was the only thing my parents let me “cook” when they were not home!  Well with age, I learned that the real ramen, a Japanese favorite is NOTHING like that junk I ate as a kid!  This week, I had the pleasure of trying out the real deal at Ramen Tatsu-ya!  Catch all of the fun below.

The Setup and Location

Ramen Tatsu Ya-10

Ramen Tatsu Ya, is located in the heart of Montrose right off of Westheimer.  Unlike many restaurants on this strip, they actually have their own parking lot!  It fills up fast though.  While there is some street parking nearby the neighborhood has smartly made much of the streets no parking zones.   So watch out for signs!

Once inside, you are greeted by a fast casual setup where guests order their dishes and find a spot to eat.  The restaurant is filled with large tables where guests dine community style.  My favorite part? The large barstools are hollow allowing for guests to put items inside, like your purse!  Such a smart use of space.

Ramen Tatsu Ya-9

So the barstool swivels around and the hollow inside is revealed!


Ramen Tatsu Ya-3

The Hibi Gibi Punch

Of course this spot has drinks especially sake!  During my tasting, I ordered the Hibi Gibi Punch, a Hibiscus and lemongrass based punch.  So they can add sake to this, but since I misunderstood the question, I ended up with a mocktail.  Still good though!  If you are a sake fan, their happy hour offers some great specials (from 4pm-6pm)


Now on to the good stuff, the food! I arrived to the tasting a bit late (darn work!) so I missed a few of the dishes like the Tonkostsu Original Ramen and the Karaage a Japanese triple fried chicken.  My fellow bloggers said both of these dishes were good and I trust them both.

Ramen Tatsu Ya-5

The Miso Hot!

Ramen Tatsu Ya-2

A closeup of the Miso Hot.

Hours before I headed to the tasting, I spoke with a colleague about this spot and she raved about the Miso Hot.  When I arrived to the tasting, the Miso Hot had JUST been served. So perfect timing!  The Miso Hot includes pork bone, miso and red chili.  There is also a mild version called the Miso Not.   I LOVED it.  The flavors were strong and spicy plus it was a large filling portion.  We also tried the Ol’ School, Tsukemen (dipping ramen) and Veggie Ramen.  All of these were tasty, but lighter than the Miso Hot.  So if I had to recommend one, it would certainly be the Miso Hot!

Ramen Tatsu Ya-8

Ol’ Skool, chicken broth with soy blend.

Ramen Tatsu Ya-7

Veggie Ramen

Ramen Tatsu Ya-1

The dipping sauce for the Tsukemen.

We ended the day with the Gotcha Matcha a matcha dessert.  It had a yogurt consistency topped with granola and fruit.  The flavors were good, but I am not much of a yogurt fan.  For those who prefer these types of desserts, you will be impressed.

Ramen Tatsu Ya-4

Gotcha Matcha

The Takeaway

Ramen Tatsu Ya is an all around great restaurant and the ramen is on point.  I honestly am plotting on my next visit!

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