Last Friday I was leaving work and craving a burger.  As I debated, I realized there were WAY too many burger spots in Houston to pick from.  I touched on this a bit before in my Houston Foodie Guide, but figured that my favorite burgers deserved their own blog post.  Also, it seems that my readers LOVE lists, so I am working to create a few more.  So here it is folks, the Black Girls Who Brunch’s list of Best Houston Burger Spots.  Before you bash me for skipping  a place, these are all places that I have personally tried.  It is hard to branch out when you already have so many good tried and trusted options!


Hopdoddy, an Austin transplant now hows several locations around town including Rice Village and the River Oaks District.  Hopdoddy is a good pick when you are looking for a menu with some variety as it includes some veggie burger options and salads.  The biggest draw for me though? Those truffle fries!

Buff Burger

There are so many aspects that I love about Buff Burger!  For one, they are offered on most of the food delivery apps, so super convenient.  The Buff Burger dedication to local and natural ingredients shows through in the product.  I go with this one when I want some great truffle fries and good simple burger.

Shake Shack

The much hyped Shake Shack’s first location is in the Galleria (more locations to come).   Some distinctions from the other spots on this list? The crinkle fries that feel like a throwback.  Oh and they also serve frozen custard.  Then there is that shake shack sauce which is a must have on your burger!

The Shack

Located in Cypress, the Shack is probably the most family friendly of the spots on this list.  The burgers and expansive amount beers on tap make this the perfect spot for the parents and kiddos.  As far as the food, I loved their sweet buns and fries with the skins still on them!

Pappas Burger

The Pappas family really doesn’t do anything wrong, so it should be no surprise that their burger spot is also good!  The Westheimer location gives you diner feels which is always fun.  If you do not live in Houston and are just passing through Hobby airport, Pappas Burger just happens to be one of the best restaurants present!

Del Frisco’s Grille

So Del Frisco’s Grille is the only restaurant on this list that is not specifically a burger spot, but if you have had their burger you will understand why!  It’s truly a simple cheeseburger, but the meat itself is packed with SO much seasoning which is what I prefer.  If you have been to Del Frisco’s Grille, you probably skipped over the burger because you did not want to appear basic for ordering it.  But trust me on this, it’s SO good!

Bernie’s Burger Bus

Once a food truck, Bernie’s is now a brick and mortar with new locations popping up all over the city.   Outside of the burgers, when I think of Bernie’s I think of those loaded fries! Those are easily a meal on their own.   For the burgers, they have some of the most inventive burgers in town.  Expect tons of toppings and fun names that fit the school theme.

The Burger Joint

Similar to Bernie’s, the Burger Joint started out as a food truck which they still operate around town.  They then expanded into a brick and mortar in the Montrose area.   (The photo above is from the Burger Joint!)

Killen’s Burgers

I tried Killen’s Burgers once at an event, but still have not made it out to the Pearland location.  Considering the owner also operates Killen’s barbecue I expected the meat to be a step above many competitors and I must say it was!

The Takeaway

What are some of your go to burger spots in Houston? Sound off in the comments!