Remember when I dropped that list of Houston Birthday dinner spots? For the most part I had dined at all of the places on the list except Yauatcha, the new dim sum restaurant in the Houston Galleria.  As I hinted to in that post, I decided to head to Michelin rated Yauatcha for a fun birthday celebration with my foodie group!  Keep reading for all of the details of my Birthday Dinner at Yauatcha!

The Location and Setup

A little bit ago, the Houston Galleria built a new building right smack dab in the middle of the parking lot across from Cheesecake Factory.  This new space is home to a few more exclusive shops and the brand new Yauatcha.   While it benefits from the Galleria crowd and parking spots, Yauatcha is in a space of it’s own making it feel a bit more exclusive than other restaurants in the Galleria.  Inside of the restaurant, there is a bar area and a good size outdoor space if drinks on the patio is your thing. The main dining area is open and provides views into the kitchen as they assemble the dumplings.  While there are bright colors like purple and blue all about, it’s a darker more romantic spot.  Hence why the below photos are so dark!

The Drinks

After my first visit to a dim sum restaurant in Seattle, I learned that this is a process that can take some time.   That calls for drinks!  Since Yauatcha is described as a “tea house” I opted for a spot of green tea before my friends arrived.  Once the whole crew assembled the rounds of cocktails began!  So, you had four people each ordering different things and I was horrible about keeping up with what everything was.  The takeaway though is this, cocktails is one of the areas were Yauatcha shines! Each drink I tried came with fresh fruit and high quality alcohol.  With so many cocktail options, you can find one that fits your fancy and tolerance.  For me, I stick to the fruity girly drinks while my friends go for the ones that put hair on your chest.  Everyone walked away pleased!

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The Food

Before ordering, or waiter asked if there were any dietary needs within our group.  We noted that one member is a pescatarian and throughout the evening they took great care to note this.  Additionally, unlike most of the restaurants we visit, there were plenty of seafood options for her to eat!  We went with the traditional way of eating dim sum, which is ordering a WHOLE bunch of stuff and sharing family style.  This is our preferred method of dining anyway so it worked perfectly for us.

Yauatcha offers a few tasting menus, but we opted for the “build your own.”  We proceeded to ordered basically everything featured on the dim sum menu, mainly the steamed options!  A few items twice because they were just THAT good.   For the most part I liked everything I tasted, but there were a few that stood out to me.  All of the scallop based (Scallop Shu Mai and XO Scallop Dumpling) options were delicious.  Another good one was the Char Siu Bun, a barbecue pork dumpling.  Although it comes in a dumpling form, the flavors will remind you a pulled pork sandwich from your favorite local barbecue spot.

The Desserts

When you walk in to Yauatcha, just beyond the hostess stand are the desserts!  So even before you have been seated you can already be plotting on how you will end your meal.  While the main dishes are Asian inspired the desserts are all European!  The setup instantly reminded me of places I visited in Paris.   The flavors matched with Parisian desserts as well as they were not too sweet, but packed with the fruit flavors or chocolate.

Birthday Dinner at Yauatcha- Chocolate Pebble

The Chocolate Pebble!

Birthday Dinner at Yauatcha- Raspberry Delice

The Raspberry Delice.

The Takeaway

Oh also, I was under the impression that Yauatcha was SUPER expensive, based on early reviews.  The website also does not feature prices which usually means you are going to part with some coins!  Well here is a tip for you before you go!  Opentable includes all of the menu prices on their website.  You will see that on average the dim sum dishes are between $6-10 for three pieces.

Birthday Dinner at Yauatcha- Raspberry Delice

My Birthday gift from Yauatcha!

As I guessed, Yauatcha is great for a birthday celebration, but I think it is a great option for any dinner where you want to take it up a notch!

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