Poke, (pronounced po-kay) is all the rage and I for one am all about a food trend!  For the most part, high end restaurants have held the market on the poke trend which means it can be a budget buster.  Well to my budget conscious foodies, a new option poke bowl option, Seaside Poke just opened in EADO.  Check out my experience below!

The Setup and Location


Located in EADO next door to Chapman and Kirby, Seaside Poke is getting in game early.  In a matter of months that whole area will be filled with more restaurants, bars and businesses. Part of getting in early? Seaside has the rights to the big parking lot across the street, so getting your poke fill will be convenient.

Seaside Poke-The Wall

Is this wall not perfect?!

Once inside, you are greeted by an inviting casual set up with Houston themed decorations. There is a art piece on the main wall which includes photos and logos of typical Houston landmarks and icons shaped into the Seaside Poke logo.  You will see Astroworld (RIP), all of the sports teams and Beyonce.  I love a restaurant that pays homage to the city! Beyond the decorations, the spot is set up like Chipotle.  I think the official name for this is fast casual, but you guys know Chipotle style is the easiest way to explain this!  Pick your dish and decide the toppings as you make your way through a line.  It is fast and super convenient for picky eaters like myself.


I am not well versed in the poke bowls SO I asked lots of questions.  The staff was happy to help me though.  The menu included several seaside signatures including the tuna aioli which caught my eye.  The key component here is the spicy aioli sauce.  The base included white rice, then the tuna, veggies, roasted garlic and other toppings.  I tossed it around a bit with the sauce and devoured that dish like it was going out of style!  I honestly could have gone for the larger version.

Seaside Poke- Tuna Aioli

The Tuna Aioli Poke Bowl.

Check out some of the other dishes my blogger friends tried!

As if the poke bowl was not enough, they teased me with a variety of rice krispie treats that came in fancy colors like green and purple.  The purple one I learned was an ube, similar to a sweet potato flavored treat.  The green one was a matcha flavored rice krispie.   So yes they come in different colors, but the lesson here? Rice Krispie treats are good in any flavor or color!  I would totally go back to Seaside when I am craving a dessert and just get these.

Seaside Poke-Ube Rice Krispie

The Ube Rice Krispie! I think I liked this one best.

Seaside Poke- Matcha Rice Krispie

The Matcha Rice Krispie Treat. YUM!

The Takeaway

We can all use another good and quick lunch or dinner spot especially on those days when you have a taste for something other than a burger or taco.  Seaside Poke is JUST that.  They are fairly new, but I expect them to have a nice crowd for lunch and dinner soon enough.

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