Back with a taco post ahead of Taco Tuesday so you can prepare accordingly! Velvet Taco has been on my “need to try” list for a long time, but I tend to circle back to places I like such as Torchy’s rather than trying something new.   A couple of Fridays ago I was not in the mood to fight the Rice Village traffic, so that meant giving Velvet Taco a try.  I grabbed a co-worker and we headed out for our first trip to the popular taco spot, Velvet Taco!

The Setup/Location


Taco Heaven!

Velvet Taco is located right in the thick of Washington Avenue. Playing on that, they are open till 4am on the weekend to catch the afternoon club crowd.  As with many hot spots on Washington, parking is fairly limited.   We lucked up and arrived before the rush.  When we left, we saw several people circling the lot looking for parking. Lesson, here arrive early.

We entered from the back entrance which includes a colorful patio.  If it was not sweltering, I would have opted for the patio, but in the Houston heat, I was happy to head inside.  Once indoors, we headed to the counter to order and took our seats.  As with most fast casuals, once your order is ready you make your way to the front to pick up your food.  Oh and most of the tables are long and made for groups.  So that means that you may be paired up with a stranger, so put your welcome face on!


For the tacos, the menu is divided up by the particular meat or veggie, which is super convenient for those on specific diets.  I went straight to the beef section and ordered a Grilled flank steak (hold the portobello), white queso, grilled red onion, mex – oregano on a corn tortilla.  I skipped down to the pork section and was intrigued by the Cuban pig, a taco with gruyere cheese, slow roasted pulled pork, shaved ham, peppered bacon, grain mustard on a crisp tortilla.


My beef taco!

The beef taco was just okay.  I wanted a bit more flavor in the meet rather than the toppings.  Based on the first taco, I was prepared to be disappointed with the Cuban pig as well.  Honestly, you could not make flavorless pork if you tried.  With the bacon and ham, this one packed on the salty goodness, so I was pleased!


The Cuban!

We were still hungry, so I got back in line and ordered the tater tots hold the egg.  Now if you would have told me TOTS would have been my favorite thing from a taco stand, I would have called you a lie and insisted the truth was not in you!  But I am here to tell you the truth, the tater tots were the best thing at Velvet Taco,!  I channeled my inner Napoleon Dynamite and inhaled the loaded tots, enjoying the herb goat cheese and smoked cheddar.


Food blogger fail! These were my co-workers tacos, and I cannot remember what she ordered, but they looked delicious!

The Takeaway

Houston as SO many taco options with new ones popping up daily!  Velvet Taco is worthy of being added into your taco rotation with their creative taco and those delicious tater tots!


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