The corner of Emancipation Avenue and Elgin is booming y’all!  First, local leaders rightfully ditched the street name Dowling (named after a Confederate solider) and renamed it the more progressive name Emancipation Avenue. Yay for change!  Then, the Emancipation Park renovations were completed just in time for this year’s Juneteenth celebrations! I have not toured it yet, but the pictures look amazing! All of these things are exciting and have brought national media attention to Houston’s Historic Third Ward.   What I hope though, are some of the cool business operating in this area get some attention too.  I have shared with my readers about Etta’s  which operates nearby and shared the NuWaters Co-Op grocery store on my social media.  Well I have a new spot to share, Crumbville, TX a delicious bakery operating in the heart of Third Ward!

The Setup


Located next door to NuWaters Co-Op, Crumbville, Texas is an adorable bakery with natural wood fixtures and items placed about in an organic way.  Once you enter, you are greeted with a hug from the owner, Ella who is as sweet as her desserts! As you make your way around to explore all of the desserts, Ella, ever the dutiful host, patiently explains each of her masterpieces with you.  She even offers you samples of just about every cookie in the store so you can try before you buy!

Crumbville, TX-The Setup2


Isn’t it cute?!

The Desserts

Crumbville, TX-Cookie Minaji

At Crumbville, all of my picky eater rules go out the window!  First off I generally like plain cookies.  I am the girl who picks out the chocolate chips in a chocolate chip cookie, because it is NOT the same a sugar cookie!  In the land of Crumbville though, plain ain’t an option.  Ella puts together flavors that really should not go together.  I mean I read the description of the “Cookie Minaj” a moist strawberry oatmeal dough filled with white chocolate chips and thought NAH.  After a sample though? I was in LOVE!  The flavors are innovative and balance well together.  Another example, is the J. Cole inspired cookie, Cole World,  a lemon cookie filled with white chocolate and mint.  Again, flavors I personally would never put together, but I ate ever last crumb!


The Cole World! This combo is so perfect.

Also, here you will find plenty of vegan options.   Vegan always sounds “healthy” to me so I avoid it like the plague.  On my first visit I saw the vegan gingersnap cookies. With one squeeze I saw that they were super soft unlike your typical gingersnaps.  Without eggs, butter and diary products, I am not even sure how this treat is possible!  As I ate them, I swore I tasted soft buttery goodness with these cookies.  So to know I got that taste without those ingredients is a definite win win!


You can see how soft the cookie is just from the picture! Yummy!

The Takeaway


So on my next visit, this is what I m starting with!

Look, I’ve stopped by twice in a weeks time and I am SURE I will be back for more.  I am currently stuck on the cookies and will likely circle back until I try ALL of those and then move on to the cupcakes next.