It’s my birthday week! *Pauses for enthusiasm*  Everyone knows, the best way to celebrate ME is with food!  For my work birthday lunch we decided to try the Phil & Derek’s lunch buffet! Most folks are aware of Phil & Derek’s popular brunch buffet, but let me tell you lunch is a great time to go as well.  Follow along for all the tea on my lunch time experience!

The Setup

Earlier this year Phil and Derek’s moved from the Kirby area to a larger space in Midtown with ample parking! This  central location makes it super convenient for a workday lunch.  For my birthday lunch we rolled up to a quiet lunch crowd.  A buffet and a light crowd ensures you can get in and out within your allotted lunch time. I call that perfect.  Also for me, I do not like lines so despite everyone telling me it was the best new brunch in town, I decided to wait for the “it’s new crowd” to die down.  Lunch proved to be a great time to try much of what Phil & Derek’s had to offer with a smaller crowd.


Such a beautiful space!

Phil & Derek's - The Lounge 2

Another view

Once inside, I ran into a childhood friend who is currently serving as the manager.  That assured me that the restaurant was definitely in capable hands!  After lunch, my friend took me on a tour of the next door lounge space.  During high times such as their popular brunch, this space serves for the overflow.  On regular days starting at 3pm, guests can stop by and catch a good Harlem Nights mood in this space.  With the beautiful couches and large piano, it definitely gives off the right vibes!

The Food

At the old location people talked about the music.  At this new location? All I hear is how great the food is and I have to say I was impressed! We sat near the bar area and reviewed the menu before opting for the lunch buffet instead.  The setup and offerings reminded me so much of Peach Tree Buffet in Kansas City!


My first plate (hehehe). Note, that it is difficult to get a great picture at a buffet, but this food was SO good.

For about 15 bucks, the buffet offers plenty of meats (fried chicken, barbecued chicken, smothered steak, red beans and rice).  Then the sides!  My favorite dish was the collard greens which included large pieces of bacon.  My co-workers loved the cheese grits.  After lunch, you can dine on an assortment of desserts including their popular peach cobbler.  Everything was delicious and confirmed that I will fight that brunch crowd sooner than later!


I love a good PLAIN white cake. This one was yummy and perfect for a birthday.

The Takeaway

You probably already knew that Phil & Derek’s was good for brunch, but NOW you know you can stop over for a workday lunch to.  Just don’t eat TOO much.  I’m sure your boss would not be for you napping on the job :).

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