Guess what! We are ONE year old today! Yay!!! Here’s a little BGWB history for ya! I picked the name and set up the WordPress account in 2014, but sat on it for almost a year, too scared to write and worried about how my blog would be received.  I continued to visit restaurants and stockpile pictures for “one day” when I would actually blog about these places. One weekend in May 2015, I decided it was time to stop being scared and just DO IT! I spent the next few weeks writing various blog posts and finally found my style.   On May 31st, Black Girls Who Brunch was officially born! One of my first posts was a list of my favorite Houston brunches fitting with the name of my blog.  I never intended to be boxed in by just “brunches” and as you can see, my blog is filled with all types of restaurants mainly in Houston and then of course when I travel.

As I wrote this post, I pondered about what this blog has meant to me over the last year.  The obvious highlights of the last year have been great food experiences, new foodie friends and finding more to love about my hometown, Houston.  On a more personal note, this food blog provided me a creative outlet during a time where my live was “the sky is falling, everything and everyone is changing, nothing is going right, quarter life crisis.”  I say this all the time, but I really expected my blog to just be visited by my mother, my biggest supporter in all that I do, and a few of my friends.  It is not TOO big yet, but the small following that I have garnered on social media and here has meant a lot to me! Finally, nothing excites me more to hear someone tell me they visited a restaurant after hearing me talk about it.  More than that, I love to hear a reader tell me they stopped by a place on my recommendation.  So I genuinely THANK YOU for supporting Black Girls Who Brunch over the last year and *cheers* to all the fun that is in store for year two!