When I decided to compile a list of Black Girls Who Brunch Favorite Houston Black Owned Restaurants it was partly because of how our dining scene has changed over the years.  We have seen somewhat of a Black Renaissance in Houston with a massive growth of Black businesses and Black restaurants in the city.  We have also seen an increase in tourism and people’s awareness of our dining scene.  With that comes a variety of opinions and critiques.  What I have found is that a lot of places that people visited seeking a dining experience, are actually bars.   Then, within the restaurant space, I see a few restaurant’s bad business practices used to slander ALL Black restaurants in Houston.  That’s not fair nor is it accurate.

So I decided to make a list of my favorite Black owned restaurants. Notice, I said favorite, not best because best is based on preference and you all will never agree with me on that.  This list though consists of places that I have been several times, where I enjoyed the food, service and dining experience.  These are RESTAURANTS, so no hookah or bar scene.  A mix of sit down, upscale and also casual to go spots as well.

Davis Street

Steak and Eggs

Not the typical seafood fare, but a Davis Street brunch in 2020 was so perfect! I was happy when they reopened.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when Davis Street reopened after the pandemic!  A seafood restaurant which also has some typical soul food fare on the menu, Davis Street is where you go when you want high level service and great food.


Chicken and waffles

One of my favorite, most consistent Black owned restaurants in Houston.  Located in the museum district, Lucille’s soul food menu is great for brunch, dinner and also happy hour.

Ray’s BBQ

Ray's BBQ tray of BBQ

Since I know many of you like to tussle, let me just say that Houston has many great Black owned bbq spots, but the one I frequent the most is Ray’s BBQ.  They have great sides and I also enjoy their brisket, ribs and sausage.

Chop ‘N Block

Considering the large Nigerian population in Houston, we were long overdue for a restaurant concept that highlights this culture and cuisine.   Chop ‘N Block does just that and also includes odes to African cuisine beyond Nigeria.   Located in the Post in downtown Houston, it’s a fun fast casual concept serving something that everyone will love.

Navy Blue

Now I know some of you are going to be ready to argue about this one, because yes 2/3 of the owners are not Black, but one of the partners is so I decided to include it!  A follow-up to their acclaimed restaurant Bludorn, Navy Blue is a seafood restaurant serving some unique dishes.  If you like salmon I guarantee you’ve never seen one like theirs and it is SO good.

KG’s Kitchen

Located on Houston’s south side on MLK, KG’s Kitchen offers a great menu including breakfast items and great Caribbean inspired lunch/dinner dishes too.

Gatlin’s Fins and Feathers


From the Gatlin’s BBQ family, Gatlin’s Fins and Feathers is a sit down restaurant concept near Independence Heights.   As the name implies, you can get fried catfish and fried chicken here, neither will disappoint!  Yes, it has soul food items as many places on this list do, however you will find some different menu items here and that’s a big win to me.

The Breakfast Klub

Chicken and waffles

An oldie but a consistent goodie.  If I can get over there on a weekday to avoid the lines, I am definitely going!  I keep it simple and order the waffle and wings.  They have never failed me.  The best times were back when Alley Kat was open and you could swing over to the Breakfast Klub when it was open up late to grab a bite.  Awww memories!

Mico’s Hot Chicken

Micos Hot Chicken Sandwish

Remember when everyone was vying for Nashville hot chicken? Around that time, a little food truck took Houston by storm serving up a great version of a Nashville hot chicken sandwich!  Mico’s has now opened up a brick & mortar in the Heights.  While it is not a traditional restaurant setup like many of the other places on this list, you can grab a great sandwich here and enjoy it at the picnic tables.



The famous hashbrowns!

Squable has one of the best brunches in town!  One of the reasons I wanted to make this list is to highlight not only my fave restaurants, but the diversity of Black restaurants.  To me Squable exemplifies this.  Chef and restaurant partner Mark Clayton does an amazing job creating unique dishes that you cannot get anywhere else.  I mean the smoked trout roe, bacon fat, hashbrowns alone are reason to visit!

Mo’ Betta Brews

Am I a vegan? No, but if I am catering to a vegan friend, I’m going to Mo’ Betta Brews for bites.  There are plenty of items there that I enjoyed plus they have a great patio area in the museum district.

Rado Market

Oxtail Burger

The Oxtail Burger was so good

Rado Market  just opened a few weeks ago and I’ve already been twice! A concept created by the owners of Lucille’s and located in the historic El Dorado Ballroom building in Third Ward is bound to be excellent.  The history alone was going to make me visit, but the market’s menu is so good plus it features books and gifts from other great Black businesses.  They are open at 7am serving breakfast items and coffee.  For lunch, be sure to try the oxtail burger!

Craft Burger

Burger and fries with ketchup on metal tray

With two locations (Katy and Downtown Houston), Craft Burger is serving up some of the best burgers in town for the city dweller and the suburbanite.  Their menu includes great traditional cheese burgers and some fun unique ones too.  Get the truffle butter Juicy Lucy and thank me later!

Frenchy’s Chicken

Listen, what’s a Black owned food list without a beloved chicken spot?  Frenchy’s has locations all around the city, but of course everyone flocks to the new Third Ward location. AND the cheat code is, be sure to park your car and go inside, it’s much faster.

Trill Burgers

Hand holding Trill Burger

My first time holding a trill burger at the first Rodeo popup

Yes it lives up to the hype.  I got to try Trill Burgers at the pop ups before BunB opened his brick & mortar.  Loved the burgers each time!  The smash technique makes for crispy edges on the meat and it’s seasoned well with a great sauce.  I visited the new location recently and despite there still being lines, we were in and out in 20 minutes.   Go early or after the lunch rush.


Bread pudding and scoop of ice cream

Housed in the former Houston’s near the Galleria, Warwick has never done me wrong!  I mention Houston’s because the restaurant feel and menu reminds me of the former tenant in a good way.  Here, you can enjoy American fare such as a chicken dishes, pasta, and steaks.  The space is beautiful and typically has a great crowd.


Champagne Glass in foreground and Bungalow sign in background

Probably the only “vibe” dining spot on my list, but I do think they have the markers of a good restaurant. During my visits, we have had excellent service, great drinks and I enjoyed the food.  It’s a beautiful restaurant, making it the perfect celebration spot for birthdays or other gatherings.

The Takeaway

Woman standing holding chicken sandwich

Houston is blessed to have so many great Black owned restaurants and these are just a few of my faves.  I feeeel like I’m forgetting a major one so do not be surprised if this list gets updated in the next few weeks! There are a few other places that I do enjoy (Rockhouse and Turkey Leg Hut for example), but I feel like they more lean more to club/bar atmosphere hence why they are included on my Black Owned Bars list and not here. Additionally, please remember that I am basing this off of my own personal experiences.  I’ve had good experiences at each of these places, and if it ever fell short, I was sure to provide that feedback to the appropriate people.

What are some of your faves? Be sure to drop them in the comments.