It feels like I haven’t posted a new restaurant on my blog in forever! The problem is, I have been sticking to the places that I know and love, so few new spots.  Then I have gone the way of other food bloggers and microblog more of my adventures on Instagram and Snapchat (shameless plug, follow me there if you do not already!) Anywho one Friday, I was in search of a new Happy Hour to visit with my Foodie group.  I asked my Houston Food Blogger Collective crew and they all gave me great suggestions, many of which I will be visiting soon!  We decided to go with Miyako, a suggestion by one of the ladies in my Foodie group, so we could meet another member’s craving for sushi! Check out all of the details of the Miyako Happy Hour!


Miyako currently has two locations, the one I visited on Washington and one on Westheimer.  Their Kirby location was recently demolished to make way for another high rise that likely only 1% of Houstonians will be able to afford. The Washington location is located in the restaurant complex with the Counter and formerly TQLA.  The door to Miyako is kind of hidden, but if you park in the FREE parking lot behind it, you’ll access the door easier.  Oh, also of note, the happy hour specials are available throughout the entire dining room! A lot of restaurants relegate you to the bar area for happy hour.


It was happy hour so I went straight for those drinks.  I tried a pineapple mojito.  It was not too strong, but I appreciated the combination of your typical mojito flavors like mint with my favorite fruit pineapple.  Me, the lightweight threw back two of those.  My other friends ordered the margaritas and lemon drop.  Both of those packed more punch and were also good on the fruit flavors.

Miyako Happy Hour-3

Strawberry margarita


As this group tends to do, we ordered what felt like everything on the menu.  First up for me was the crabmeat puff featured on the happy hour menu for five bucks.  The puff is a fried wonton stuffed with crab shrimp and cream cheese.  Pretty simple dish, but I devoured the whole tray in 5.5. seconds. I was pretty full from just that, but our “Happy Hours” generally turn into all night affairs so I knew an entree was needed to keep up.

Next, I ordered the hot stone ginger rice with beef from the regular menu.  This rice bowl literally comes out still cooking.  The waiter, cracked the egg right in front of me and cooked it at the table.  I LIVE for great presentations.  This dish could have been trash and I still would have been excited. Thankfully, it was a really good dish and plenty of leftovers that reheated well the next day.

Miyako Happy Hour-4

Crab Puffs plus the pineapple mojito!

Miyako Happy Hour-6

Aerial view of the ginger bowl plus the lemon drop.

Three of us ended up ordering the ginger bowls. Our fourth probably would have ordered it as well, but for her extreme allergy to ginger.  The ladies also ordered plenty of the sushi on the happy hour menu. I am not a huge sushi fan though so I did not partake. I can say this, even for the items on the happy hour menu including the sushi, Miyako does not skimp on presentation. For example, the crunchy sushi roll which includes snow crab and avocado looked better than the picture and made me curious enough to try.


Miyako is a great happy hour price point and best of all pretty decent food quality considering! The highlight of course is their presentation! *Adds to list of best Houston Happy Hours*