I chilled out on visiting restaurants towards the end of 2022, but once I got back from Ghana it was ON.  I have visited so many new restaurants in Houston that I think you all will enjoy too.  Here are Houston Restaurants to Visit this March.

The Lymbar

Located in the Ion development near downtown, the Lymbar is a sexy bar with some unique drink and food offerings.  I visited for happy hour and opted for small bites and a cocktail.  It’s cute and will likely be a popular spot for Midtown/Museum district residents.

Traveler’s Table

Breading pudding french toast

Breakfast bread pudding

Those who enjoy cuisines from different countries will love this restaurant.  I am late to the Traveler’s Table party, but must say I too enjoyed it!  I brunched there with a friend and opted for the margarita flights, breakfast bread pudding and the Korean sticky rib fried rice.  On a return visit, I am definitely getting both of those again!

Riverhouse /East River 9

View of downtown Houston

Check out this view!

Riverhouse and East River 9 offer Houstonians a unique experience in the heart of the city.  East River 9 is a golf course while Riverhouse is the restaurant/club house that serves the golf course.  The restaurant is huge and would be great for events/happy hours.   The complex also has pickleball courts which is a growing sport in the US.

1929 PoBoys


The yakamein!

Located in the latest downtown food hall, Lyric Market, 1929 PoBoys is a blacked owned establishment bringing you great Louisiana fare. My eye went straight to the fried crab on the menu, which was great.  However, what they are most known for is the yakamein dish, which my friend described is kinda like a cajun pho.   On a return visit, I will definitely be ordering that!

Fried soft shell crab

Burger Bodega

One of Houston’s biggest burger sensations from 2022, the former pop-up is now a full on brick and mortar off of Washington. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Abbas, the owner, for years through the blogger world.   He’s the kind of guy that everyone likes so many of us food bloggers were very excited when his concept opened!  The space is super cute and an ode to Houston which I loved.  Plus the burgers really are good y’all.   For my east coast transplants, you can also enjoy a chopped cheese here.    I hear the lines are really long, but I’ve made a point to visit after the lunch rushes during the week and got out pretty fast.

Sushi by Hidden

Sushi in wooden holder

A concept by Hidden Omakase, Sushi is a speakeasy located in Rice Village. Guests are greeted by a exterior that appears to be an art gallery, but once it’s time for your reservation, the Mona Lisa painting opens up to a bar.  Here, you enjoy a 30 minute dining experience.  Despite the brief time, I did not feel rushed and it was really cool to watch the chefs put everything together.  If you are a sushi lover, this is definitely the spot for you.   For those that enjoy sushi occasionally like myself, I think you’ll also find it pretty cool.

Navy Blue

Brought to us by the the team behind Bludorn, Navy Blue leans into a seafood menu and offers excellent service.  For dishes, I would recommend their salmon which actually tastes even better the next day!  You can find Navy Blue over in Rice Village, in the space previously occupied by the food hall Politan Row.  They did an amazing remodel of the space, and on both occasions that I’ve gone it’s been packed!

Kuji Kitchen

Kuji Kitchen

This collaboration between Chef Keisha Griggs and Ivy Wells of Ivy Farms truly warms my heart.   A neighborhood cafe offering fresh healthy options in an area that doesn’t always have access tons of restaurants like this.   I stopped by for breakfast their opening week and plan to add to the rotation for weekday bites.  They also do have wifi and a coffee program that makes it the perfect spot for remote workers.


A few weeks back I visited Indianola for the first time to try out their seasonal menu.  Their menu changes frequently so I won’t bore you with a full breakdown of everything I ate, because it may not be there when you visit.  However, I would order just about  everything again!  I do hope they keep the s’mores sundae in the rotation though for my next visit.  Also, at the end of the night be sure to head over to Miss Carousel for a drink.  Indianola is connected to the bar through a hallway making it a smooth transition.  We visited on a Friday night and thought the dj was pretty good!

Little Hen

Tiered platter with scones, sandwiches and flowers

Houston we have a new instagram spot that is shockingly GOOD.   If it’s cute and all over my Instagram feed, I make the assumption that it is vibe dining and not great food.  Little Hen is busting all of those stereotypes though! I visited for a lunch during the weekday. We ordered the tea service which was excellent.  I was very impressed with the little sandwiches with the crust cut off (fans of the movie Brown Sugar know that reference!).  The french toast was pretty good too.  Go to Little Hen for the vibes AND the food.  Both won’t disappoint.

Monkey’s Tail

Cooked crawfish

Oh did I mention that Monkey’s Tail has crawfish?

I had a gift card that for Monkey’s Tail that I wanted to use so I decided to visit over a weekend for brunch.   Can I just say that while I love Houston’s brunch scene, I miss the no frills brunch scene? The crawl out of bed, after a fun night and head to brunch because you’re hungry scene?  That’s what Monkey’s Tail gave me.   A bar, serving Mexican food, great drinks plus a nice sunny patio.  Highly recommend on the days that you want to do the least in terms of attire, but still have a good dining experience.

Lee’s Den

If you were a fan of Benjy’s here is a little secret spot for you from the creators of a longtime Houston fave. Located inside of the old Benjy’s space in Rice Village is a small intimate speakeasy style restaurant.  The menu is different than Benjy’s, but has the same quality and creativity that we came to expect. I loved it!

Be sure to check out my Instagram Reels from my visits to these spots.