The girls and our personalized beach bags! that my aunt purchased from the Knot. They were great for carrying your stuff around the boat.

The girls and our personalized beach bags! that my aunt purchased from the Knot. They were great for carrying your stuff around the boat.

My previous posts focused on what we did OFF the ship during our vacation.  My next few posts will focus on the food and fun on the cruise ship! For those who have not cruised before, cruise companies employ a bevy of things to keep you entertained on the ship.  Most of these things are a means to squeeze more of your money away from you like the liquor and shore excursions.  For the most part, one of the things that is included with your initial cruise price is the FOOD.  I have cruised before, but I was literally a day removed from my undergraduate graduation.   Back then my diet consisted of pizza and burgers.  This go around I would say my palate is a bit more sophisticated, so I figured my experience with the food would be different!  Most describe cruises as a place for foodies.  I think a better description is that it’s a place for gluttons!  A lot of the food on the boat is good while some was pretty cafeteria level.  The thing is that there is an abundance of food everywhere you turn! I rarely felt hungry but that did not stop me from indulging.

My group stuck with the traditional form of cruising which means, formal sit down dinner every night at 6pm.  I will do another post on the food we had in the dining room, but this post is about all the great food we had elsewhere on the boat!  In an effort to seem less formal, cruise ships have added restaurants throughout the ship for breakfast, lunch, snacks and a less fancy dinner option.  Best of all most of these places are included in the price.


The last cruise I went on was with Royal Caribbean. Their ships are decked out with Johnny Rockets.  Carnival linked up with Guy Fieri (the dude from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) to create Guy’s burgers on the ship.  Honestly I did not expect too much from Guys.  Our first day on the ship, we were starving after traveling all day so we grabbed burgers and fries from Guys.  We inhaled those burgers! It was a quick assembly line process that ensured you did not wait any longer than ten minutes.  These burgers were simply amazing. Seasoned well, with a toasted bun.  The fries and the burgers seemed homemade.  Pretty much every day when we got back on the ship from our days at port at least one of us went up to grab a burger.  It would be about two hours before dinner and we still would try to squeeze in a burger! See gluttony I tell you.

Blue Tequila-

Another place on the boat was Blue Tequila. They only served lunch till 2:30 pm so it was rare that we got to eat here. On one of the port days, we returned early and even though I was not really hungry, I was determined to try the the tacos from here. Again GLUTTONY!  One side offered tacos and the other burritos.  Similar to Guy’s there was a salsa bar to add your own toppings.  Best of all, they even made homemade tortillas on the ship.  The tacos really were great. I wish they had better hours so we could have indulged more often.  Oh and there was also a Blue Tequila bar next to the restaurant that stayed open late. Right by the pool for convenience purposes.

The Deli

In the main buffet area there was also a small deli window which offered paninis into the late hours.  They also served chili dogs. I never got to try the deli, but the items I saw looked pretty good.

Chili Dog

Chili Dog


Creams was another one of my favorite spots on the ship.  They were open late and kept it simple. Coffee and desserts take your pick. This was one of the few places that charged.  When i walked by and saw the delicious cakes I willing shelled over the two bucks for a slice.  The main dining room offered desserts, but on the days that the dessert menu was lacking, we went upstairs to Creams and got our sugar fix that way.

A few other places on the ship! The main buffet was open for all meals.  I went there a few times and was unimpressed each time.  The set up put you in the mind of a college dining hall, but my dining halls were leaps and bounds better.  If you are on a cruise and only stick to the buffet, I will say you probably will not walk away too impressed with the food.  Also there was a pizza place that was open late.  Frankly this place kept a line based on convenience only because it was hit and miss for the most part.

The Taste Bar

The taste bar offered samples from the steakhouse.  I never tried them or the steakhouse, but I liked the idea of offering samples to entice cruisers and the set up was pretty.

Few other random pictures from the trip!