When we received our revised cruise itinerary (Hurricane Danny sidelined us), I immediately said BLAH to Cozumel, Mexico! Despite growing up in Texas, I have never crossed the border over to Mexico.  I have seen the border, been close enough to throw a rock over to it, but never ventured over until now.  For Cozumel, I signed up for a “beach day” excursion that included a thirty minute catamaran ride to a private island where there would be food and an open bar. This post is few words, and a lot of pictures 🙂

My Cozumel excursion was not as exciting as some other ones that I went on, but it made for some pretty pictures.  The rest of our group went on different excursions.  Two of my cousins hung out near the port.  They enjoyed some of the attractions and of course margaritas!

My sister and my two other cousins were determined to rent Jeep Wranglers in Cozumel for some reason.  The $100 price per person to rent ONE car did not make sense to me so I passed on that excursion.  Well that wasn’t really an accurate depiction of the excursion.  The trip in the Jeep wasn’t just a random ride around Cozumel. The three of them rode/drove a Jeep Wrangler in a caravan with other cruisers.  They actually made a few interesting stops such as a random place for a Tequila tasting next to random light house. They got to snorkel and feast on chicken fajitas! Pretty good for a hundred bucks!

Cozumel was pretty and seemed to have the most robust tourism industry of all of the places we stopped at.  The coast line was dotted with so many beautiful resorts and homes.  I will say Cozumel was not bad, but I guess I felt that it was a bit trite.  The other places felt more undiscovered so I think that is why I was more impressed with them.

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