If you recall, in my Happy Hour post I mentioned that I needed to stop by Prospect Park’s Wednesday 50 cent wing night.  Twitter informed me that Wednesday was National Chicken Wing Day so, the stars were aligned for a trip to Prospect Park to celebrate! Prospect Park has recently become my “Cheers bar” due to proximity and a great crowd.

Prospect brags about having the best wings in town.  I realize that every restaurant says that about their signature dish, but these guys are telling the truth!  I ordered the Parmesan Garlic wings.  The wings are either naked or breaded.  I went for breaded.  These wings were perfect.  Seasoned well, breaded perfectly.   Literally finger licking good.   Here I was thinking that Wing Stop was the King of wings! Oh and I stole some of my sister’s fries and they are pretty good too.  With it being a work night, we skipped out on the drinks this go around.  I would label the signature cocktails at Prospect as “okay,”  but that is mainly because they are priced high for a sports bar in my opinion.  From my vantage point, it looked like most of the patrons were enjoying beers or shots rather than the pricy cocktails.

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One of the other draws to Prospect is the no frills crowd.  It is a sports bar first, so you can get away with going very casual. That’s always a plus! They have a large patio that people pack out even in 100 degree weather.  They even offer Hookah on the patio.  The bar plays up the “park” part of their name when it comes to decor.  Sometimes I hate obnoxiously taking pictures for my blog when I am out.  Everyone stares and looks like why is she taking a picture of me?? So unfortunately I have no pics of the venue this time.  Just trust me on this! It is a very nice sports bar!

I did find this old pic of friends and I at Prospect, look behind us and you'll see all of the TVs for sporting events.

I did find this old pic of friends and I at Prospect, look behind us and you’ll see all of the TVs for sporting events.

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