I am definitely a fan of the food truck trend.  The last few times I visited family in Dallas, I noticed the food truck festival at Floyd Warren Park. Apparently they park there weekly. On my most recent visit I got to visit the park and see what the Dallas Food trucks are all about ( I will post on Houston food trucks eventually)

Two things that a long line at a food truck tells me, a) it’s popular because people are flocking b) the food is likely fresh because the line isn’t moving quickly enough to keep it short.

I tried the Butcher’s shop but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the food before I started devouring. Their menu offered a variety of unique sliders including one with a nice serving or baked mac and cheese sandwiched in with the beef. I got the Butcher’s 3-way so I could try as many options. Overall pretty good.

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But my greatest find was Cool Haus! It’s a simple ice cream truck where you get to select your cookie your ice cream for an ice cream sandwich. The truck features different flavors everyday. They smartly made their menu magnets that can easily be removed. I of course googled them afterwards only to discover that food trucks were only part of their enterprise. Cool Haus is actually sold in stores! HEB carries them in Houston. It’s a little pricy considering it’s just one serving, so it will only be an occasional splurge.

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