Hey friends! If you are an Instagram follower you know that I try to share links to my favorite tools, gadgets and deals. From my air fryer to my dining room table.  Unfortunately that platform does not allow you to save links in an easy way, so I have created a new post for all of my favorite things!

These are all affiliate links which basically means when you click on the link the retailer will know that I sent you there and give me a percentage of the sales.  This costs you nothing, but it is a great way to support your favorite bloggers!  I will try to update this list with things that I share in blog posts and on my Instagram stories.  Enjoy!

Kitchen Items

Here, I am sharing many of the things you have seen me use over the years from my KitchenAid Mixer to the pots and pans I use.  I also added some of the gadgets that my aunt, the Queen of Kitchen Gadgets, swears by.   If there is anything that you have asked me about before that you do not see here, please let me know!  Note, I linked to my air fryer twice, one for Best Buy and one for Target to ensure you get the best price! Both retailers run different specials so be sure to check both.




Lately America is reckoning with its history and past.  Many people are learning that there were quite a few things that their History classes skipped over.  I shared a few books here that can help people play catchup.  I also added some great novels, many written by black women, that I have enjoyed over the last few years.


Hair Products

I keep it pretty simple with my hair, twist outs and wash and gos.  Since people consistently ask for my products and routines, I thought I would add a hair category to this list.  The only thing not listed below is Texture ID Mousse, only available at Sally Beauty but completely worth it! If you cannot get Texture ID, then try the Doux Mousse which is available at Target.  If you are newer to rocking your natural curls, be sure to check out this post Black Girl Hair Journey.



Beauty Products

What many of you all think is great skin actually is an Instagram filter.  My skin is very much a work in progress and I am using this quarantine time to try out some new products.   I am sharing a few below and will update as I find more that I like.



Like many of you, I have not been traveling too much lately! So once the world opens back up expect these sections to fill up.  I have shared tips on how to STUFF your carry-on with all you need and then some before.  Packing cubes and a good carry-on suitcase are a must.  I recently upgraded to the Away Suitcase.  I haven’t gotten to use it much yet, but so far so good!



For the Home

I shared that I purchased a home earlier this year.  Decorating and painting have taken up quite a bit of my time, but I am truly enjoying it.  Here are some tools and things that you all asked about that I am sharing below.



Blogger Tools

Many of my props and plates I use for styling are linked above in the Kitchen section, but there are some tools I use for my blog.  Blogging tools like backdrops and lighting are not cheap SO I am very much have the beginner blogging package.  If you are just starting out though, these are some tools to consider.  Also, if you are new to blogging be sure to check out my post 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Blog




Food Deals

There are a few brands that I have partnered with over the years that I think are great especially as we all eat and cook more at home.  I shared my review of Butcher Box and Snap Kitchen some time ago.   Butcher Box just recently reopened their list, so now is the time to join!  Snap Kitchen is also offering great deals to use their meal plans! Check out the links below.


Get $60 OFF your first 3 weeks of Snap Kitchen with code: GET60


I hope you enjoyed My Favorite Things! This post will be under the “Top Lists” category on my blog so be sure to check it out there.  And if there is anything that you wanted a link to, be sure to let me know!