Houston, we have some new fun interactive art installations, instagrammable spots around town!  Over the last week, I have had the privilege of visiting three of them during their media events.  Since so many of you asked me “which is better” I figured I would put together ONE post to share my experiences!  So check out my thoughts on the FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia plus a note about the upcoming #GirlsNightOut Event and the African American Selfie Museum.

The Fomo Factory

The FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia-13

The FOMO Factory (Fear of Missing Out) aims to create an escape to childhood through an “immersive art pop.”  While some may describe it as just some photo backdrops, FOMO Factory really takes that concept to the next level with incredibly creative and colorful rooms that are photo ready.  With the childhood dreams in mind, many of the backdrops focus on things that you probably would have found super cool as a kid.  And since we are all big kids at heart, we STILL secretly find them cool.


The Fomo Factory is located in the Galleria on the third floor above the Apple Store.  You will need to take the elevators up.  Also, since it is actually in the mall, guests can enjoy the various parking garages available for mall patrons.

Who Should Visit

The FOMO Factory is for the influencers who pack extra outfits to load up on content.  Or the high school graduate who wants something a little different for the graduation pictures.  Or that person who just loves a good selfie (you know who you are).   It is somewhat kid friendly with the colors and interactive elements, but I think your kids would be bored.  But what do I know I don’t have kids.

Favorite Room

The FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia-12

FOMO room is carefully curated with something for everyone.  I think I had the most fun in the high school classroom.  There are so many props here such as lockers, lettermen jackets and books.    It is complete nostalgia and so fun!


Tickets are $23 for adults and $18 for kids.  I believe the FOMO Factory is only set to be in Houston for a limited time.  You may want to go early so you don’t end up with real FOMO!

Things to Know

I visited on media night and it was PACKED.  I hope they limit the number of people on any regular day because it made it hard to navigate.  Plus it got really hot.  My recommendation would be to visit early in the morning when it is likely not as crowded.  Also, there is an easily accessible bathroom in the space if you want to change outfits for your photoshoot.


The FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia-7

Candytopia is the space we all dreamed of after watching Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory or playing the game Candyland.  A world literally made of candy, but it is real!  This art installation celebrates candy through art pieces made of all kinds of your favorite candy plus fun interactive backdrops.


You will find this installation over in the Marq’E Entertainment Center off of I10 and Silber.  Candytopia takes up the space vacated by Drink Houston, so there is tons of parking nearby.

The Highlights

The FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia-17

There is literally candy in EVERY room.  There are little signs that say just take one, but ugh no one was monitoring it so I may have taken quite a few Airheads.  There is also a Candytopia app that allows you to unlock unique photos throughout the installation.  Guests simply scan a QCR code and access the unique photo backdrops.

Who Should Visit

If you loved playing Candyland as a kid or wished that Willy Wonka Factory was real, then Candytopia is for you, no matter how old you are.  This is also the best one to take children because it is more interactive and not as focused on “doing it for the gram.”  There is also room for them to run around, swing, jump and just be a kid.

Favorite Room

The FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia-10

Made from CANDY!

The Art Gallery with candy photos of Beyonce and Cardi B was up there for me!  Next up would be the Marshmallow Pit because who doesn’t love kicking off their shoes and playing in a ball pit like old times.  Watch your phones in the pit though, a few went missing while we were there.   The confetti room is fun too until you get home and find confetti everywhere in places it shouldn’t be!


Tickets are $20 for kids and $28 for adults.  Note that Candytopia is not a permanent installation, so be sure to go sooner than later!

Things to Know 

Candytopia is setup kind of like an Ikea.  Your path through the space is pre-determined as you have to go through each room to make it to the next one.  The end also takes you right back to where you started.  For the influencers who like to haul several outfits to these types of installations, the setup will make this difficult for you.  My advice? Stick with one outfit and enjoy the space!

Girls Night Out by MsIndependent

The FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia-5

The Fomo Factory and Candytopia are installations that have visited other cities before heading to Houston.    That’s cool, but note that we do have homegrown installations here in Houston too, including the upcoming Instafamous #GirlsNightOut by Erin Creeks of MsIndependent.  I have attended Erin’s last two events (check out my recap here) and I can say she always puts on great events! This go around, the theme is Instafamous and like the other installations in town, Erin’s event will feature 10 interactive art installations.  Guests will be treated to food, drinks, music and a good time!

The FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia-2

My margarita looked real pretty in this installation!

Tickets and Location

The event is set for next weekend June 21st – June 23rd. Grab your ticket here, $45 for VIP and $35 for general admission.  The event is being held at Post Oak Centra, an office building close to the Galleria.

The FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia-1

There are even “art installations” outside!

Who Should Attend?

The FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia-4

As the name implies, women around town who are looking for a fun girls night out! Erin’s events have a knack for attracting a wide variety of women from different backgrounds (age, race etc).  I also imagine several husbands/boyfriends will be roped in to attending this one so they can get some photos for their partner!  We like to call them Instagram Husbands in the influencer world :). There will also be a family day on June 23rd, so you can grab you kiddos and visit then.

African American Selfie Museum

I would be remiss if I did not mention the African American Selfie Museum in this post! I visited back in April for a Black Restaurant Week dinner event.  It is the same concept as above, but offers helllllla black art installations.  Since this one is permanent, they change the installations every few weeks so it is worth a return visit.

Tickets and Location

Tickets for the Selfie Museum are just $25.  The museum is upstairs in the Booked Design Space, which can also be rented for events!

The FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia-16

They are also REALLY good at events. The team behind the museum decorated for the Houston Black Restaurant Weeks dinner.

Who Should Visit

Anyone who loves and celebrates black culture. Periodt.

The FOMO Factory vs. Candytopia-15

This room featured old versions of cell phones from my youth. I was OBSESSED.

Things to Know

Listen up, the African American Selfie Museum is not here for your 55 outfit changes! They actually have posted rules about this practice.  If this is your vision, schedule a private session for a fee.

The Takeaway

If you are trying to just pick one to visit, I hope this breakdown helps you pick the one that best suits your needs.  For me, I had a great time at all of the places and feel like you really cannot go wrong with whichever one you pick!  It best to visit these installations with a buddy so you can take each others pictures.  If you prefer to ride solo though, each installation has staff in the rooms to take photos as needed.  Enjoy!