Top of my LA must stop lists this go around was soul food restaurant, My Two Cents.  I first discovered this LA gem while doing research for my Black Owned Brunchin’ list, a nationwide list of black owned restaurants that serve brunch.  Then a few years ago, I saw Issa Rae and Solange Knowles host a benefit for the owner of the restaurant to help her raise money to stay in business.  The likes of Kelly Rowland and Beyonce attended this benefit.  So from my standpoint, if this is a spot that all that black girl magic would support, then I must do the same!  Check out my thoughts on this black owned restaurant, My Two Cents LA.

The Setup

LOL so… I really was looking down and Jaz caught me for the photo!

I have no clue what part of Los Angeles we were in, but it seemed to be a pretty busy street. Our uber driver dropped us off and like the Instagrammers we are, Jasmene and I immediately went to the mural and had a photoshoot.  With that done, we headed inside.   During our visit, we ordered from the counter and took a seat at a table outside.  All of the staff was helpful and friendly, making it feel like we were visiting friends.

As for the setup of the restaurant, it is small but homey.  Keep that in mind if you plan to visited during a high traffic time like brunch. My favorite thing?? The dessert counter.  Everything looked amazing.  I really wanted it ALL.

Not even half of the desserts featured. There is a dessert for everyone. Trust

The Food

By the time we got to My Two Cents I was STARVING.  So I ordered just about everything.  We grabbed an order of the chicken soul rolls, gluten free mac and cheese, cornbread, fried grits (gries) and oxtail tacos.  Lets start with the mac and cheese.  The gluten free part had me a bit concerned, but it tasted the same.  There are also tons of cheeses which can either be a major win or major fail. Here, it was a WIN.  That mac and cheese was so darn good!

My Two Cents LA -8

THE mac and cheese!

The cornbread that comes with every meal.

Next up, were the oxtail tacos.  I really liked these as well.  The menu said they were slow cooked for six hours. They felt a bit tough for a six hour cook time, but I enjoyed them all the same.  I would definitely order them again. The gries, fried grits, which look like french toast sticks, pack tons of flavor and are a handy way to eat grits. Finally, the soul rolls were a soul food version of egg rolls stuffed with barbecue chicken.  Like everything else, they packed tons of flavor.  I loved everything about this meal.

My Two Cents LA -3

My Two Cents LA -4


Before I left, I grabbed a slice of that yellow cake for good measure.  I carted that bag around all day and devoured it back at my hotel later that night. It was EVERYTHING. I still think about that cake to this day.  Matter of fact, next time I see my cousin who lives in LA, he better have a piece of that cake ready for me.

One of the best yellow cakes I’ve ever had. SO GOOD.

The Takeaway

Look, My Two Cents was the perfect start to our trip to LA. Jaz and I plotted on making a return trip there the whole weekend.  Unfortunately they are closed on Mondays otherwise we would have been there!  Make sure to add this to your list of must stops during your next LA visit!