I decided to be like everyone else and catch a plane on Memorial Day Weekend! I linked up with my girl Jasmene of @FashionablyLateFoodie and went to Los Angeles!  I’ve visited twice in the last few years (catch those posts here), but it was great to go with a fellow foodie/blogger! I knew we would be on the same page on the places we wanted to see.  We visited so many great places that deserve their own blog posts, so expect me to sprinkle them out over the next few weeks.  Up first, my visit to Catch LA!

The Setup

Catch LA-6

On Friday we were hanging out in West Hollywood and thought we’d swing through Catch LA without a reservation and just sit at the bar.  This is something that we do all of the time in Houston.  How naive of us to think that would work in LA, lol.  We were quickly ushered away for those who had reservations.  Yes, even the bar was reserved for them!

We lucked up on a reservation for dinner the next night and quickly booked it.  When you arrive with reservations, you are first greeted by a bouncer and a host downstairs.  Yes, a bouncer.  The host checks to see if you actually have reservations and only then are you allowed upstairs to the restaurant.  The host also sends an alert upstairs if a celebrity is arriving so they can quickly be seated once they come upstairs.  We saw a few basketball players come in while we stood, in heels, waiting to be seated. I know this is normal for Los Angeles folks,but just FYI the rest of us are tickled by this process!

Once we received approval we headed upstairs in the elevator.  The entrance to Catch LA is what you see in all of the Instagram photos.  It is a hallway lined with lights and flower garlands. It’s very pretty at night, but even prettier during the daylight.  It happened to rain that night, meaning a good portion of their seats were unavailable. So we waited for about an hour to be sat and were placed in one of three tables outside.

The Food and Drinks

If you come from a city like Houston that boasts one of the best cost of living in the country, please brace yourself for these prices okay?? I am warning you now so you are not sitting there mouth agape looking for the free salad and breadsticks option.  As the name implies, Catch is a seafood restaurant with mainly sushi on the menu.  Our waitress recommended ordering several plates because the items were served as small plates.  Small plates that start at $30 FYI.

Catch LA-5

Lobster mac!

I am a when in Rome kind of person when it comes to food (hence this blog), so I ordered the lobster mac & cheese and the catch roll.  If you have followed this blog for any length of time you know I love me some mac and cheese.  This one looked kinda like easy mac with the elbow noodles, but it had the elevated flavor profile that I have come to expect from higher end restaurants.  The catch roll includes crab, salmon and miso-honey. It’s pretty simple, but a good roll.

Catch LA-3

Catch Roll

Catch LA-4

Jasmene’s Crunchy Shrimp. Also good!

I obviously live for a “do it for the gram” moment, so of course I ordered the “Hit Me” chocolate cake! You hit the top melted Klondike bar and white chocolate drips on the rest of the layers.  While it’s a great image for the gram, it’s also a pretty good dessert!  All and all the food is good.  Nothing is worse than a higher end restaurant serving up dishes that do not meet their price point.  Accounting for that LA inflation, it quality and taste seemed on par to me.

The Takeaway

As a Houstonian, part of the allure of LA is the glitz and the glamour.  Add to that the opportunity to rub elbows with celebrities and you understand a big part of LA’s allure.  Catch LA gives you a bit of that with decent food and drinks.  Just take note of the LA prices!