I caught a quick breakfast this morning with my foodie friends Tha Fat Girl Food Chronicles and Fashionably Late Foodie at EggHaus in the Heights.  All of us had been eyeing the cute breakfast spot, so when I received an invite to come try their new speciality croissant, we made it a date!

The Drinks

Breakfast at EggHaus-15

Mexican Hot Chocolate

For coffee drinkers, EggHaus offers plain ole American black coffee, lattes, espresso and cold brew.  I am not one for coffee, so I went for the Mexican Hot Chocolate which is served with cinnamon.  Considering that it was a little nippy this morning and we sat out on the patio, this drink was perfect.  The drink menu does not however include mimosas or any liquor, so see this as a breakfast spot rather than brunch.

The Food

EggHaus invited me out to try their latest speciality croissant, the Crawfish Croissant.  EggHaus prides itself on using holistic baking methods, locally sourced products and no preservatives.  I say all of this to say you can certainly tell the difference in the quality of their croissants.  The croissant is flakey and buttery just like I love.  They take it up a notch by topping it with BB’s Cafe Crawfish Étouffée.  I honestly would have never thought to put these items together, but it works.  The Crawfish Croissant will only be featured for a limited time so be sure to stop by soon to grab one.

Breakfast at EggHaus-4

We of course could not stop with just the Crawfish Croissant so we ordered a few other items from the menu.  In addition to several croissant options, their menu also features kolaches, breakfast tacos and egg sandwiches.  Such a typical Houston breakfast menu!  Several of the items pleasantly surprised us including the dipped croissant.  Be sure to grab one of those! For the egg lovers, order one of their egg sandwiches and you also cannot go wrong with a breakfast taco.  The kolaches include German bratwurst so they may be a little different that other spots in town, but they are also good.

Breakfast at EggHaus-5

The German Bratwurst Kolache with Swiss Cheese

Breakfast at EggHaus-6

Breakfast at EggHaus-7

The Takeaway

So listen everyone needs a good no frills spot on the weekend for breakfast! EggHaus is a cute casual space that you can visit with no makeup in yoga pants and face no judgment!  Plus the food is good and the menu is varied enough that everyone will find something they like.