Forgive me friends for I have failed you.  A’Bouzy opened some years ago and I, your self proclaimed Houston brunch guide, just went last weekend.  I owe you apologies because brunch at A’Bouzy is everything a good brunch should be.  It is bougie and it is bozzy.   So if you waited for me to give it the Black Girls Who Brunch approval, here it is folks Brunch at A’Bouzy is my favorite brunch of 2019 and the year just started.

The Setup

After passing A’Bouzy a million times on Westheimer (near Kirby) I finally pulled in for a Sunday brunch with a group of blogger gal pals.   There is valet and a bit of street parking right outside, but most of you will have to venture a few blocks away for free parking.  I decided to park about two blocks away because saving on valet and getting some steps in seemed like the thing to do for the New Year.

We sat on the covered patio and I failed to do an inventory of the indoor space.  From a quick glance I would call it nice.  The patio on the other hand is very nice and perfect for a springish winter day in Houston we had this weekend.  Best of all? The people watching! A’Bouzy attracts such a variety of patrons and I just enjoy seeing everyone having a good time brunching.

The Drinks

Brunch at A'Bouzy-5

I am almost four years in to this blogging game and during that time I have learned some things about brunch cocktails.  There are a few rules to live by and A’Bouzy has a whole restaurant built on these rules.   So first brunch cocktail rule, proceed with caution with the cheap champagne ’cause it likely contains sulfites that will give anyone in my age range (30+) a splitting headache that Tylenol cannot heal.  As I scrolled through the iPad with all of the champagne offerings,  I first thought how bougie and appropriate.  Then when I saw a $1,000 bottle on the menu I had to play like that was a totally normal occurrence for me.   In short,no cheap champagnes around these parts!  We settled for a much more budget friendly bottle of Veuve Clicquot though which was perfect.

Next brunch cocktail rule, mimosas require just a splash of orange juice with your champagne.  To make sure you comply with this rule, A’Bouzy provides you a carafe that is the height of your thumb.   For our table of three we got about three splashes out of that bottle.  But again, it ensures you follow the rules!

Finally, popping bottles should be a celebration!  At A’Bouzy every time a bottle is popped, the staff chants A’Bouzy with the guests.  They also drop the corks on the table I guess as a souvenir of the bottles you killed during brunch.  In short, A’Bouzy is big on the booze.  There is variety, high quality and they follow the rules!

Brunch at A'Bouzy-4

I thought this was so cute!


I was really just there to peep the scene so I ate light.  They provide every table with a hot bag of popcorn when you arrive which is the perfect people watching snack.  For my entree, I ordered the caesar salad with bacon.  You can add other toppings like chicken or shrimp to this as well.   The food was a bit pricey, but that came as no surprise considering they have thousand dollar bottles in the spot.  Despite the price point, I thought it was good.  Great portion size for the price and good quality as well.

Brunch at A'Bouzy-6

My blogger friends ordered the Bagel & Lox and the B.A.L.T.E. (basically a breakfast sandwich with chips).  They both had great things to say about their dishes.  I also caught glimpses of their other menu items including the charcuterie boards too.   Everything I saw looked delicious!

Brunch at A'Bouzy-2

The Takeaway

If you love brunch then you’ll love A’Bouzy. It is as simple as that.