Back at with another happy hour post!  I visited  Ambrosia for the first time last week and LOVED their happy hour so I have to share all of the details with you.  Get in to this Happy Hour at Ambrosia recap below.

The Setup

Ambrosia is right off of 59 and Shepherd tucked one on a residential street.  Driving by, you probably would not guess that behind walls is a beautiful patio!  The Asian inspirations go beyond just their food, but also include their decor.   As you enter Ambrosia, you are greeted by their beautiful patio lined with lanterns.  Unfortunately it was was raining during my visit so I did not get the best pictures.  Just take my word for it though! It is beautiful!  The interior is small and intimate with black walls.  It truly feels like a neighborhood restaurant where you would meet up with a few friends.

Food and Drink

Happy Hour at Ambrosia -2

My sangria.

Our visit focused on the happy hour offerings.  Next to brunch, happy hour suggestions seem to be a popular question I receive from followers so I am glad to be able to share another good one.  I arrived a little late, so the party had already started with cocktails.  I ordered the sangria which is simple and fruity just how I like.  The happy hour menu includes $8 cocktails and $7 glasses of wine.

Happy Hour at Ambrosia -1


Happy Hour at Ambrosia -4

Brussel Sprouts

Alright on to the food!  Ambrosia recently added Chef Ariana to the fold.  Her contribution to Ambrosia has been the addition of Venezuelan influences as well.  We tried items from the happy hour menu and some of the standard menu items.  First up, we tried the Gulf Catch Tiradito Tostado. The gluten-free dish includes seafood ceviche on a rice chip.  This dish packs tons of flavor. Next up, the Karange A L’Orange a Japanese style fried chicken thigh.  The chicken is coated in curry so it is packed with flavor yet still tender.  We also tried a side of brussel sprouts which are quickly becoming my favorite veggie.  Finally, my favorite item just may be the Mushroom Flatbread.  The chef noted that she adds seasoning to the crust which honestly takes this up a notch.  While it is not on the happy hour menu, it is considered a snack and is only $8 bucks.  Finally, we tried the Gangnam ribs. These ribs are so tender they just fall off the bone.  Finger licking good!

Happy Hour at Ambrosia -5

Karange A L’Orange Chicken

Happy Hour at Ambrosia -6

The ribs!

Their full menu has several other items that look pretty good, but if you are looking for light inexpensive bites go with the snacks and happy hour menu items.  Like I said above they are priced well and are truly tasty!

The Takeaway

The Ambrosia happy hour is hosted Sunday-Thursday 5-7pm and extended to 9pm on Mondays.  On the weekends they have a reverse happy hour from 9-close.  You really cannot beat that so go ahead and throw the Happy Hour at Ambrosia in to the rotation.