With a little over three years of blogging, I find myself revisiting restaurants that I may have rewritten off in the past.  Most recently, I stopped by Ruth’s Chris with my HFBC friends and discovered that I had them all wrong.  I put Ruth’s Chris in the “generic steakhouse” box assuming they had no standout attributes.  Well a recent happy hour opened my eyes to so many unique and delicious items from Ruth’s Chris that you HAVE to try starting with their happy hour.  Dive on in to this Happy Hour at Ruth’s Chris recap!

The Food

Happy Hour at Ruth's Chris-6

Crab Beignets

Happy Hour at Ruth's Chris-9

Zucchini Fries!

It was a rainy evening so my pictures are not the best, but do not take that to mean the food is not good. Quite the contrary! Everything I tasted was delicious and it made me think that I was a fool to never stop by for happy hour before.  The menu is heavy on the seafood with shrimp, calamari and ahi tuna.  All of them were fresh and seasoned well.  They also have crab beignets, a savory dish with a bit of kick from jalapeños.  I really enjoyed all these items in terms of flavor.  Beyond that, they were all just nine bucks!  That price makes everything taste better.

Happy Hour at Ruth's Chris-2


Happy Hour at Ruth's Chris-1

Seared ahi tuna!


Also, since they liked our group, they brought out a few items that are not on the happy hour menu.  First up a dish of lobster mac ‘n cheese.  My table scraped that bowl clean.  It was not as cheesy as I like, but I may have gotten a bad scoop, so trust the other bloggers opinion on that dish.  They LOVED it.  Next up they brought us their famous sweet potato casserole.  The GM added that the late great Aretha Franklin said it was almost as good as hers! Look, Aretha ain’t never lied! That casserole had the perfect crust and sweetness throughout.  So good! It was a nice way to end the tasting.

Happy Hour at Ruth's Chris-4

Dark photo but here is the lobster mac and cheese!

The Drinks

Happy Hour at Ruth's Chris-5

Raspberry Rosemary Cosmo

The cocktails are also included in with the happy hour specials.  A couple of us ordered the Raspberry Rosemary Cosmo.  It was just the right level of fruitiness yet still had a bit of kick.  Definitely pick up this drink on your next visit!

The Takeaway

We can name tons of great happy hours in the Galleria area and many of them are steakhouses.  I can tell you this though, few of them are on the same level of quality as Ruth’s Chris or at the price point (can’t beat nine bucks!).  I recommend getting in to this happy hour before everyone else catches on.