Get excited! Houston has a new movie theater, but this one comes with a few twists that I think you all will love.  Rooftop Cinema Club, a London based company, opened their first Texas cinema right here in Houston.  As the name implies, guests will enjoy their favorite classic movies under the stars! I had the privilege of visiting earlier last week and recapped my experience at the Rooftop Cinema Club below!

The Setup

Rooftop Cinema Club finds its Houston home atop BLVD Place in the Galleria area.  You may have visited BLVD on post oak for the nice Whole Foods there or the restaurants like Rise No 2 or North Italia.  During your visits, you probably parked in the parking garage and did not think much of it.  I tell you this is why I am not a millionaire, because the folks behind Rooftop Cinema Club saw more than just a plain ole parking garage!

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -15

My favorite part of the lobby area. How cute!

So the cinema itself takes up about 1/4 of the rooftop of the BLVD place parking garage. Guests park on the same level and walk over to the unique cinema experience.  One of the first things you will notice is the beautiful skyline of the Galleria/Uptown area.  To me, the addition of the great city views takes the classic “drive-in” to the next level for modern times.

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -4

The lobby area with games.

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -9

The concession stand!

The whole space is open even the lobby and let me add they have the coolest lobby I’ve ever seen at a movie theater!  It’s colorful, bright, has board games and a random pickup truck right in the middle.  To the left is where you pick up your wireless headphones for the movie.  I imagine this ensures no noise complaints for the other business occupants.   There are food and drinks available to the right.  As you make your way to the “theater” you will see great design touches.  Finally, grab your seat in the lawn chairs for the movie! I highly recommend getting the loves seats because they come with a little table.

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -6

One of my favorite little touches! The movie projector is covered up in this cute popcorn box!

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -2

The black seats are the love seats and the blue seats are the single seats.

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -5

The chairs can be adjusted a bit.

Food and Drinks

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -10


Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -12

Chips and guac.

When I walk in to events like this, I just want to say “You know why I’m here” i.e. the food.  I made a beeline over to the concession stand and was happy to see Houston’s own Good Dog severing as the food vendor.  Yes, you can get typical movie foods like popcorn and candy, but everything about this space is atypical so why stick with the regular?  Good Dog will be a permanent resident of the theater offering their signature hot dogs, pretzels, watermelon, frito pie, chips and guac, and desserts.  So much good eating will happen at this venue so get excited.

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -1

My favorite, the chili cheese dog from Good Dog Houston.

Also, do not forget about the full bar! You can enjoy great cocktails while watching some of your favorite classic movies.  A win win if you ask me.

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -8

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -13

The Takeaway

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -3

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston opened up on on October 3rd and tickets for all of the October showings were already sold out! So that tells you to not delay on purchasing your tickets for the November showings which are available now. Again, Rooftop Cinema curates some of your favorite classic movies and a few new ones too.  They will also be showing Disney classics like Lion King as part of their Kids Club, so it is a great way to introduce your kiddos to real Disney classics (Lion King>Frozen, don’t debate me!).

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston -7

Hope you all enjoy movies under the stars this fall!