A few months back I introduced you all to a new group I helped form, the Black Blogger Clique.  Our aim is to create a collective of black bloggers who curate events and content that fits our key demographic, black women.  We are still in the beginning stages so bare with us, but we did recently host our very first tasting.  Other than being fabulous women of color, our other shared trait is food so a foodie event seemed perfect.  Eadeaux’s Cajun Cocina Food Truck (black owned!) graciously hosted our group and provided us plenty of content to share! So dig in to all of these details below.

The Setup

Eadeaux's Food Truck-1

The Eadeaux’s Cajun Cocina food truck is the brain child of couple Star and Jason Harry.  After opening the Eado Hand Car Wash, they decided to expand and add a food truck, Eadeaux’s!  The Harrys brought in Chef Alisia Yates to operate the truck full time.  You can typically find the truck parked outside of the car wash allowing you to grab some great bites while getting a car wash.

Eadeaux's Food Truck-4

Boozy Snoballs from East End Hardware.

Although our tasting fell in October, Houston is holding on strong to these summer temps.  So we decided to dine inside neighboring bar East End Hardware. On any regular day, you can order items off the Eadeaux’s truck while visiting the bar so it worked.  And since everything else in this scenario started with an “E” why not add another one!  A little aside here before we jump in to the food, East End Hardware hand cranks boozy snoballs plus has a great patio space.  So if you are looking for a lowkey Eado spot, skip over Truckyard and Chapman & Kirby and head that way.

The Food

To start, the Harrys schooled us a bit on the inspirations for their food.  Many of us attribute cajun/creole food to New Orleans as if to imply that the city is all there is in Louisiana.  Well we all learned of a new region, Acadiana, which has it’s own distinct cuisine.  For example, the gumbo you find in this region will be different than what you get in New Orleans.  Eadeaux’s aims to represent this Acadiana region while infusing Tex-Mex aspects as well.   Now, my family’s roots are deep in the state of Missouri, so these Louisiana nuances are not things I am intimately familiar with.  The key takeaway here though is it is all tasty!

Eadeaux's Food Truck-8

The platters

We tried so much food, I had to pull my notes out to make sure I did not miss anything! We started with the beautiful appetizer platters which included shrimp, boudin, locally made cracklin’, and the white queso.  This platter is huge and great for sharing.  Plus it comes with the best thing they have on the menu, that queso! Be sure to grab you an order or two of that.  Next we tried the etouffee, a hearty flavorful dish that will be great when it gets colder.   For you healthy folks, they also offer an okra and chicken dish and veggie tacos.

Eadeaux's Food Truck-2

The Tacos!

Finally, we jumped in to the Tex-Mex inspired dishes, tacos and nachos!   Here, you will find your typical Tex-Mex components, but they take it up a notch with the addition of boudin, gumbo and crawfish as your topping.  Can I just tell you a plate of the boudin nachos at the Black Food Truck Festival inspired this whole tasting?! I don’t even do food truck tastings or write ups, but those nachos deserved their shine okay?!  Not only are they good, but it is a great shareable size.

Eadeaux's Food Truck-7

Get in to these nachos!

The Takeaway

As I said before, Eadeaux’s home base is the car wash Eado Hand Carwash.  If you are out on the town, you can also find them at 5015 or Davenport’s!  Be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up with their schedule.