This post is sponsored by Maestro Dobel Tequila but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

This month marks three years in this food blogging game for Black Girls Who Brunch!  Three years as a food blogger has taught me a lot, but the greatest takeaway has been my new appreciation for better ingredients in my food and drinks!  With the cocktails, that means upgrading your liquor choices to better made products that ultimately taste better and leave you feeling good the next day!  For tequila, I am loving the Maestro Dobel Diamente Tequila! For all the details on this great brand and a nice margarita recipe check out  Margarita Time with Maestro Dobel Diamente!


Margarita Time with Maestro Dobel-1 (1)

Any brand that truly focuses on quality will dedicate a lot of their branding to sharing just how they produce a great product.  For Maestro Dobel, their dedication to creating a great product is now 11 generations strong!  Produced in Mexico, the brand uses a double distilling process that creates a smoother tequila.  The company has its hand in every step of the tequila making process from the seeds to the bottle which shows in the product.

With tequilas, people love to describe them as “smooth.”  Lets be honest, either people do not know what smooth means or they have never tasted a true smooth tequila.  I sipped on Maestro Dobel slowly at first to fully appreciate the taste.  It is a rare that I attribute this label to tequila, but Maestro Dobel is definitely smooth with little burn as it goes down.  There are also no added sweeteners, yet the natural flavors shine through.  I appreciate any tequila that includes some additional flavors because they make THE best cocktails!

The Cocktail

Margarita Time with Maestro Dobel-2 (1)

Maestro Dobel makes life easier with quite a few cocktail options on their website.  I kept it simple with the Black Diamond Margarita which includes

Shake and serve! Again, it’s a fairly simple recipe, but those are generally THE best and highlight the quality of the liquor used. I made this one evening as an after work cocktail which it was perfect for!  This is also a great margarita to serve up with friends and family.

The Takeaway

With age, we all should be looking to upgrade the products we use including our tequilas! I picked up Maestro Dobel at my favorite liquor store in Houston.  Be sure to use the store locator here to find it near you! If you cannot find it near you, check out the store on their website and have a bottle sent right to your front door.

So now that I shared with you the main ingredient, what are you making with tequila this summer?!  Be sure to comment below!