Alright, I am guessing that like me, many of my followers have heard of the House of Blues Gospel Brunch which is held monthly at House of Blues locations around the country.   Also, like me many of you probably have never been partly because you are not sure what to expect.  I mean it is not MY church so will they play OUR kind of gospel music?? And what about the food? Will it be good? These are all questions I wondered after being offered two passes to the House of Blues Gospel Brunch sponsored by Cricket Wireless.  I grabbed my gospel loving mother and set out to get the answers to those questions and of course report back to you all!  So here you have it, my review of the wonderful House of Blues Gospel Brunch!

The Setup

At the Houston location of House of Blues, the brunch is hosted upstairs in the larger concert venue.  Long tables line the dance floor and a few smaller circular tables too.  For the most part, you are guaranteed to be sitting by a stranger which is similar to sharing a pew in church so it works.   I found the crowd to be more diverse than I expected considering the musical selections and folks were dressed pretty casual too.  After finding your seat, the buffet opens (more on that below).  Once you are seated with your first plate, the music begins!

The music was probably my biggest concern about this event.  I needed it to be the gospel music I grew up listening to and I needed it to be SANG not sung but SANG well!  Let me tell you the singers did just that.  They sang so many of my favorites many of which you would hear at a black baptist church on any given Sunday.   At the end, a few ladies seated near us commented that they couldn’t believe we knew every word to every song! We really did because it was a great selection!

The Food

House of Blues Gospel Brunch-7

My FIRST plate.

Well saints, trust me when I say this just may be the best brunch buffet in the city of Houston!  We started at the carving station which included brisket and smoked turkey.  Now, I’m greedy so I grabbed nice helpings of both and took a jalapeño cornbread muffin too.  If those were the only three things on the menu, I would have walked away happy!  The brisket with tender and had a great flavorful rub and the turkey had a great smoked flavor.

House of Blues Gospel Brunch-1

That amazing brisket!

Next we made our way over to the dessert, fruit, pastries and salad section.   For the most part, it was pretty standard fare, but the part that stood out to me was the variety.  For example, for the salads I counted about three different options so they are guaranteed to have something you like.  On to the desserts! There was a great white chocolate bread pudding that I loved and a peach cobbler that my mother devoured.

House of Blues Gospel Brunch-4

Beautiful pastries.

But wait, there was more! In the center buffet line guests could find all the typical brunch items like bacon, grits, eggs, sausage, potatoes.  You name it they have it.  I honestly did not spend much time here because you can get that anywhere.  I skipped to the next station, chicken and waffles!  Despite being pre-made, the waffles were warm and ready to eat.  Just beyond that there was a mac and cheese bar.  I am self-proclaimed mac and cheese guru and to the eye I was doubtful based on the consistency, but I am here to tell it was excellent!  Finally, there was an omelet station.  So much stuff and I really liked everything I tried!

House of Blues Gospel Brunch-5

Mac and cheese station.

The Drinks

I did not know what to expect in terms of drinks considering the type of event.  Surprisingly,  they are serving spirits and I am not talking about the Holy Ghost! Guests could pre-order bottomless mimosas.  Now… I can’t say that I would ever partake, but I am just sharing what is available!  Do with that what you will saints!   Also note, that each table has pitchers of water and orange juice to be communally shared among the table.  This is included in the price.

The Takeaway

I really did love this event and will likely be back!  The next Houston event will be held on March 18th! Tickets can be purchased here for just $42.  If you live in another city, check your local House of Blues website for details!  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!