So I went to Moxie’s this weekend because I am a follower.  Yes, I follow the crowd to new spots so I can report back all of the TEA to you all.  So Moxie’s vibe reminds me of college!  Hear me out!  The year was 2008, I was a senior and college and really thought I was ALL the way grown.  *Cackles thinking about how wrong I was back then*  My “grown” self LOVED a spot called Houlihan’s.  It seemed fancy compared to the Chili’s in our small college town.  Part of the fancy came from the $20 entree price-point.  While the sticker shock gave me pause, I opted for the happy hour specials and livedddd for a Friday night at Houlihan’s.  Good crowd, Long Island Ice Tea pitchers and decent food.  In conclusion, Moxie’s is Houlihan’s and I am living in an alternative universe where I am 21 again, with Sunday Funday at Moxie’s Grill and Bar!!

The Setup

Moxie’s took over the old Canyon Cafe and the retail space below.   It maintains the curved shape of Canyon with the great patio space that looks down on Post Oak.  When you arrive you enter from the bottom and will see their wall sign “If you will, I will.”  What that means, I do not know, but be prepared to see that all over your Instagram feed. The bottom level includes a large bar with plenty of televisions.  Upstairs is similar as it includes another large bar and televisions everywhere.  This area also includes large booths that can comfortably seat groups of 6.  So Moxie’s clearly expects guests to post up with their whole crew!

The Service

Another blogger pointed this out to me after I left and she was SO right.  Moxie’s only hires good looking people.  Like the kind of people you would see working in a nightclub and dressed in that manner too.  Please do not perceive that is snark, it is just an observation. But when you understand that, you understand that Moxie’s intends to be a little nightclub with food.  Considering the location and the fact they have a DJ Thursday through Saturday, it is inevitable. Come prepared.
With that said, I thought the service was decent considering that it is fairly new.  The challenge will be when this place packs out (and it will), will they be able to keep up with the expectations of restaurant goers while fulfilling party-goers needs as well. (Remember Fish & Knife? #epicfail at this challenge)

The Drinks and Food

Sunday Funday at Moxie's Grill and Bar-3

My sangria! There was fruit in it that was not very apparent at first.

I ordered the sangria which for $9 bucks was a good size.  Their drink menu includes plenty of wines, cocktails and one of my favorites a frose! Plus with two bars, I imagine they will make just about anything.  From glancing at the menu the price points vary on drinks. There are some budget friendly ones like the sangria and frose while some of the cocktails will set you back $12-15 bucks.
Sunday Funday at Moxie's Grill and Bar-1

These nachos >>>

For the food, we just ordered a whole bunch of appetizers and shared them.  For the table we got an order of poutine, fried rib tips, nachos, and the white chocolate brownie.  Let’s talk about these nachos though! They literally bring out a POUND of nachos to share. They are pretty simple with melted shredded cheese and the meat of your choice.  But I genuinely liked them.  Bar food that can reasonably shared is great.
Sunday Funday at Moxie's Grill and Bar-4

Closeup of the poutine!

Sunday Funday at Moxie's Grill and Bar-5

Rib tips!

The poutine is a must order as it plays to the Canadian origin of the restaurant.   Poutine is basically loaded fries and who doesn’t love loaded fries?? Also of note, the rib tips!  While they lacked a sauce to balance out the dryness of the breading, the flavor was ON point! The breading included a biryani flavor plus they were fried to perfection.  It reminded me of mini fried pork chops. YUM.  For the dessert, I found the white chocolate brownie to be a tad disappointing.  It wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t wow me.  I would probably try it again though.
Sunday Funday at Moxie's Grill and Bar-2

White chocolate brownie!

The Takeaway

The ultimate takeaway is this, Moxie’s is the latest see and be seen club/restaurant combination to make it’s way through Houston.  These always start out SO well, but the question remains, will it be able to sustain it??  Honestly, I think Moxie’s has some strong positives that others did not have.   One being a prime location, beautiful restaurant and unique food offerings.  With hot spots like this, I say go ASAP and enjoy it!  I know I will be back, posted up in the corner people watching, sipping on a cocktail and reliving my days back at Houlihan’s in good ole CoMo!
*Moxie’s is open till 2am on the weekends and offers a weekday happy hour from 3-6pm plus a reverse happy hour starting at 9pm.*