Cues that monotonous “low-key” song from the Insecure soundtrack that I seem to love.  For a host of reasons many of us are drawn to low-key spots.  Maybe it’s a first date and you want less pressure.  Or maybe, it is a night out with girlfriends and low-key means no makeup or heels.  Another good reason, you want to chill in a dark corner by your lonesome!  Whatever reason draws you to a low-key wine bar, this list of Low-Key Houston Wine Bars is for you!

Oporto Wine Cafe

Their website describes Oporto as a “boutique” spot and I would call that pretty accurate.  There  is an Oporto in Midtown, but this low-key sister is off of Richmond near Weslayan.  In addition to their expansive wine list, Oporto includes a great tapas menu!

13 Celsius

Look, the s’mores alone are enough to stop by here, but they also boast a knowledgeable staff when it comes picking great wine!  13 Celsius remains one of my favorites and every time I go, I encounter a cool chill crowd.

Ogun Art + Wine

Ogun Art + Wine opened earlier this year in the Washington Corridor.  Located in a shopping center, it is pretty much the definition of low-key.  For the art part, the bar is filled to the brim with beautiful African art pieces from sculptures to paintings!

UnWine on Almeda

UnWine is in the historic third ward, offering folks in the neighborhood a great place to unwind.  Their patio is also another plus.  Grab a quiet corner and enjoy!

Momo Food and Wine

I actually visited Momo Food and Wine for their soft opening and was impressed.  Also in third ward, it is in an area that is being redeveloped which adds to the “low-key” aspect.  In addition to great wine, their menu includes food with Indian influences.  It’s a great stop for something a little different.

Simone on Sunset

I am sure I passed Simone on Sunset several times before I ever noticed it.  This spot happens to be in a neighborhood not to far from Rice Village.  In keeping with “low-key” if you are not looking for it you would probably miss it.  As far inside, the space is super cute and honestly I am surprised I do not hear more folks talk about it!

The Takeaway

The funny thing is have visited all of these places and basically have no pictures to share because they are typically dark and low-key!  I guess I should continue to keep them a “secret,” but alas I am here to share the wealth! Hope you all appreciate this list and if you know of any others, let me know in the comments!  #SharingIsCaring