To know me is to KNOW that I order Halal Guys via Uber Eats AT least once a month.  I have no shame!  Despite Halal Guys having several convenient locations around Houston, I still had not visited in person.  After being invited to stop by a location to see all that Halal Guys had to offer, I could not pass up a visit and of  course provide you all with the info!  Read along for all of my details on my visit to the Halal Guys!

Location and Setup:

I visited the first Houston location located on Farnham near 59 and Shepherd.  The Halal Guys have added two additional locations, including one out west and one in the Vintage Market up north.  The Farnham location is standalone location with plenty of parking in the adjacent lots.  When it opened a few years back it had lines wrapped around the building.  Thankfully that has died down because I do not do lines!

I stopped by right after work on a weekday and found a light crowd, but guests none the less.  Most of the seating is on the side and front patios with a few seats inside.  Be prepared to take and go during the winter months basically.  The ordering process goes like most fast casuals, order at the beginning of the line and walk with your food down the line as it is being prepared.  One major difference here is you can see the food being prepared which is always a plus to me.

The Food

The Halal Guys -1

The Gyro

I generally order the exact same thing from Halal Guys every time.  A combo platter (chicken & gyro) with extra white sauce and rice!  Well since I actually visited the brick and mortar, I got a full visual of what else they have to offer.   Now, I am not sure if UberEats doesn’t include the gyro or if I just skipped over it!  It completely makes sense that gyros would also be a major part of the menu.  So for this visit I opted for the gyro with a side of the rice.  The beef included in the gyro was cooked to a crisp which only brought out the flavor more.  I still got to add my white sauce as well.  Since I love bread, the thick pita for the gyro is perfection.  Looks like I may be ordering something different on my next few visits!

The Takeaway

Halal Guys is a great fast casual offering Middle Eastern food at a great price point.  On the days when you are looking to step outside of the bun or taco, this is a great pick!  Also,  if you are lazy like me you can ALWAYS UberEats it!

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