Radio Milano boasts a modern Italian menu with a hip bar space downstairs.  They have taken their modern spin a little further with the introduction of a Modern High Tea.  So think of it this way.  You probably had a tea set as a kid and imagined yourself enjoying a fancy tea with friends once you grew up.   Radio Milano took that vision, modernized it and included some important aspects, like cocktails!!! Check out my High Tea at Radio Milano experience below!

The Location and Setup

High Tea at Radio Milano-2

The main dining room.

Radio Milano is a two story restaurant nestled in the Hotel Sorella which is in the heart of city center.  The first floor, which can be accessed directly from the street primarily serves as a bar.  Just up a flight of stairs you will find the main dining space.  I claimed a seat near the floor to ceiling windows hoping to catch plenty of natural light for my pictures.  This spot also gives you a view of the Monnalisa rooftop pool as it is right across the hall.

The restaurant generally serves the high tea in the posh hotel lobby just down the hall.  The lobby connects to a beautiful terrace with views of the bustling City Centre below.  You can basically have your tea just about anywhere on the terrace.  Radio Milano also can host a private high tea in these spaces as well.

The Concept

Here is how it works!  Guests have their choice of several prix fixe menus starting with a three course menu with desserts for $25.  The next level includes four courses with desserts for $35.  Finally, the six course meal with sweets is just $45!  These menus include SO many options and that’s just the food.  Radio Milano also created a cocktail menu for high tea.   Finally, there is of course tea!  Each menu includes an order of tea while the cocktails are extra.

The High Tea is served from 12-4pm seven days a week. Reservations are required! Funny aside, my family and I tried to roll up on a high tea in Paris without a reservation.  Needless to say, we didn’t get in, ha! SO do not be like me.  Make sure you make a reservation.

The Tea

High Tea at Radio Milano-3

The tea options!

Radio Milano uses a special Parisian tea brand called Dammann Freres.   To select your tea, the waitress will bring a box of the flavors to your table.  You can literally open the small canister and smell the tea leaves.  My waitress was super personable and took great care to show me the real chamomile flowers that would be brewed for my tea.  The brewing process can take a bit, so be sure to order it early in the process.  Once brewed, the tea is presented in a cute little kettle with matching cup.  Very instagram worthy if you are in to that type of thing.

High Tea at Radio Milano-5

The chamomile tea.

High Tea at Radio Milano-4

The Tea!

The Cocktails

High Tea at Radio Milano-6

The Platters Cocktail

Here is part of where we get the modern spin on “high tea”, there are COCKTAILS!  The cocktail menu for the High Tea includes cocktails named after the 50’s era singers like the Platters and Elvis.  I ordered the Platters cocktail because anything with a Prosecco has my name written all over it.  It’s a decent cocktail with more kick than I expected before 5pm.  In short, pace yourself!

The Food

During my tasting, I sampled a few items from each of the pre set menus.   In short, ALL of it is good!  While they are canapés, the various courses are rather filling.  So here is what I had: antipasto skewer, beef skewer, mini crab cake, sweet beet macaroon and a grilled cheese.  My favorite items would be the mini crab cake and grilled cheese.  I am basic I know, but they are good!  The crab cake was packed with crab plus a nice crunchy coating.  The grilled cheese was rather traditional with a dip at the bottom of the plate that gave it additional flavor.

High Tea at Radio Milano-8

A grilled cheese.

High Tea at Radio Milano-9

The crab cake.

The skewers were also good.  The beef skewer included onions and peppers which gave so much flavor!  The antipasto skewer was light and super fitting for tea time.  The final dish is the sweet beet macaroon.  So to look it at you imagine it is like strawberry flavor and at a minimum super sweet.  Wrong, this macaroon is packed with goat cheese and beets.  Now, I am not much of an adventurous eater.   My mind said sweet and my tastebuds did not line up.  Yet, I can acknowledge that if you like the sweet and salty culinary experiences, you would enjoy this!

High Tea at Radio Milano-10

Antipasto skewer.

High Tea at Radio Milano-11

Beef skewer!

High Tea at Radio Milano-12

Sweet beet macaroon.

As if this was not enough, there are still TONS of desserts! Since they are small, they provide you several desserts to try.  Included were the mini chocolate pistachio creme brulee, pistachio financier, dry fruit tea cakes, cheesecake lollipop, pistachio macaroon and mini madeleines.  All of these are so good and the good news here is that every menu includes a course of desserts.

High Tea at Radio Milano-7

Another view of the deserts!

The Takeaway

Here are the key things, good tea, good drinks and good food.  Yes you can get those things all around towns, but the draw here is the unique tea concept.  With folks off this week for the holidays, this is the perfect time to swing by Radio Milano for a day time tea and be sure to make a reservation.

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