We are within hours of Thanksgiving so I think it is safe to start talking about Christmas gifts right?? (Please don’t yell at me Holiday Police!) Ahead of Black Friday and the official start of the holiday shopping season, I created two holiday gift guides with some fun items and outsourced the third one to a surprise guest (read on to find out who).  Some of these items are my favorite things (*in my Oprah voice*), things I am eyeing for myself or just cute gift ideas! Enjoy!

The Gadget Lover Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide- Gadget Gift Guide

  1. Vinglacé– this portable wine container is a chic way to keep your wine chilled at the perfect temp! I personally own one of these things and it is definitely good quality!
  2. KitchenAid Mixer– I know it is pricy but KitchenAid mixers are really worth the gadget investment.  I bake everything with that thing and plus all of my ice cream recipes use the ice cream attachment.  It’s worth it!
  3. Amazon Echo – My friends all have Amazon Echos and I need to step into 2017 and grab one too.  It is actually a reasonably priced gadget considering all that it does (alarm clock, speaker, connects to Alexa, can make calls, etc). There is even a smaller cheaper version called the Amazon Dot.
  4. Garlic Press– This is such a basic gadget, but if you ask me it is my favorite kitchen gadget, a garlic press!  Get you one!
  5. KitchenAid Mini Food Processor – My mini food processor has been a lifesaver when it comes to chopping and pureeing.
  6. Texas Cast Iron Skillet– You all asked for it and I found it!  Here is my Texas shaped pan I used for my Sweet Potato Honey Cornbread!
  7. Cake Turntable– I am still perfecting my icing skills, but I can tell you my rotating cake turntable and angled spatula surely have helped.
  8. Magic Mill 9qt Sous Vide Machine– A sous vide machine has been on the top of my must purchase list for awhile.  Most of the machines are a small stick that you insert in your own container to maintain a steady temperature while cooking.  I was happy to see they have combined a crockpot set up with a sous vide.  It is perfect and I am getting it sooner than later!

The Traveler Gift Guide

I have been meaning to share my travel must haves on the blog and the holiday season is the best time to do it!

Holiday Gift Guides-Travel Gift Guide

  1. BGWB Gear– Planes are cold, so I always travel in layers with sweatshirts or hoodies!  I highly recommend grabbing a BGWB crew sweatshirt for holiday travels! ( Add these promo codes to the end of the URL for $5 off or free shipping “?pr=BGWB5OR “?pr=BGWBSUB” for free.  Send me an email if you have issues!)
  2. Pashmina– Keeping with my desire to layer, I always bring my pashmina with me.  The right pashmina is a bit longer than a traditional scarf and if you wrap it correctly it provides the warmth of a blanket on a plane.  Best of it’s small and easy to haul.
  3. Away Suitcase– I am currently obsessed with the Away carry on suitcases!  The highlight of this hardshell suitcase? Built in charger!
  4. Kate Spade Passport Holder– I mean look how cute it is! I need this to match my phone case.
  5. Toiletry Bag– Yes this is a basic toiletry bag, but one of my travel tips is to keep this thing loaded with travel sized items all of the time.  Before your next trip, just refill what ran out from the last trip and hit the road.  This travel tip saves me SO much time and ensures I do not forget key things like a toothbrush.
  6. Packing List– I picked up this cute Knock Knock “Packing List” pad at a blogger event recently.  It is a must have to stay organized on packing and to not overpack which I always do.
  7. Travel Containers– Going with item number 5, if you cannot find all of your stuff in travel size just pick up these reusable containers and go.
  8. Luggage Tags– You NEED a cute luggage tag to go with your fancy Away suitcase. Check out more at Twenty103.com.
  9. Neck Pillow– It’s simple yes, but a neck pillow gets me through long flights without awkwardly falling forward in my sleep.

The Male Perspective: Kevin Laroy’s Gift Guide

I wanted a gift guide with some male input and who better to ask than my cousin Kevin.  You may remember him wearing a BEAR on the season finale of Ink Masters and you may have seen him on the last season of Black Ink.  (The new season comes out next month!)  Anywho, if the bear gives you any hint on his taste, his gift guide is hilariously unique and TOO good not to share!

Holiday Gift Guide- Kevin

  1. Dyson Bladless Fan
  2. Vetements x Reebok Instapump Collab
  3. Elizabeth & James Vanilla Bourbon Cologne
  4. Kiehl’s Mens Giftset and an Amazon option as well!
  5. Balenciaga Cotton Boxer Briefs (He actually ASKED for underwear for Christmas, LOL)
  6. Mini Super Nintendo Consoles (which apparently are impossible to find now *sad face*)
  7. Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Backpack
  8. Lemonheads (YES, the candy)
  9. Nobless Couture Fall 2017 Collection
  10. Adam Lister watercolor
  11. Chanel x Adidas by Pharrell (these are limited edition)
  12. *not pictured* Kevin also thinks an original Lil Kim Hardcore poster would make a great gift for Lil Kim fans.  FYI: you can pick up Hardcore on Vinyl from Urban Outfitters
  13. Also not pictured because it’s 2017:  double plated gold nameplate earrings.
  14. Finally, Kevin thinks the “OG Ron F***Action 26 Triple CD” would make for great gift!

The Takeaway:

I actually had a good time making this list and I hope this sparks some Christmas gift ideas!  Or perhaps you will use it to just admire some things that we cannot afford *cranes neck towards my cousin’s list.*  What are some things you are wishing for this year or cool items you picked up for family and friends?? Sound off in the comments!

* Just an FYI a portion of these links are affiliate links meaning I get a small referral fee if you purchase any items, but there is no additional cost to you! *