So, I am a part of an awesome blogger family made up of black bloggers from around the world!  We have bonded over our shared love of food and our desires to have successful blogs!  These ladies (and a few gentlemen) are true friends, so what do friends do?  They gather over food of course!  Since we have miles and oceans between us, we decided to host a virtual Thanksgiving potluck.  Here is the best part, you all get to enjoy it too!  Curated by my blogger friend Dash of Jazz, this menu is made up of the best contributions of talented black food bloggers from around the country and reflects our shared Thanksgiving experiences!  Enjoy our Black Bloggers Virtual Thanksgiving!

The Main Event

Black Bloggers Virtual Thanksgiving -1

Check out this beautiful ham made by the Hungry Hutch!

Deciding who makes the turkey or ham for Thanksgiving should not be taken lightly!  If it is your year, rest assure,you are in good hands with the below recipes!

Side Dishes

If I am being honest, I can make a whole meal out of side dishes during the holidays.  Since you can never have too many, scroll below and pick up some new recipe ideas!

Black Bloggers Virtual Thanksgiving -2

Beautiful creamy potatoes by Sweet Tea and Thyme!


Black Bloggers Virtual Thanksgiving -3

Orange Popovers with Honey Butter by Jem of the South!

What’s a Thanksgiving dinner without some great bread? If you are feeling adventurous check out these homemade breads!


Black Bloggers Virtual Thanksgiving -4

What a combo, sweet potato and pecans! Photo cred: Dash of Jazz

A friend of mine told me I am good for only sharing sweets on my blog and newsletters.  The funny part is I had not even noticed until she told me!  So it should be no surprise that my contribution to the potluck is a dessert! Check out all of these sweet things below!


Black Bloggers Virtual Thanksgiving -5

Autumn Apple Sangria -Photo Cred: Butter Be Ready

So let’s be honest, when your family gathers some great drinks are required.  Check out these recipes below!

The Takeaway

If you had not settled on your menu for Thanksgiving, I think this post has you ALL set!  I have a few more recipes not included here that you can check out in my archives here.  Plus, I am still perfecting my Sweet Potato Corn Bread so be on the lookout for that as well!

You all enjoy your Thanksgiving!