So please do not judge me for the timing of this post!  Yes my trip to Kansas City was last month, but I still have more to say!  If you have followed me for awhile, you know I have spoken HIGHLY of Kansas City barbecue.  Straight off the plane, suitcases in tow, our first stop is always for a plate of barbecue.  I stick with Gates, because that is what I know! So this go around I decided to change it up a bit and try Jack Stack BBQ.

The Setup

Majority of my family lives in KC, so I hit up my cousins group chat to see who wanted to meet up with me at the plaza location.   I am accustomed to the casual dining setups for most barbecue spots.  Typically you enter, place your order and grab a seat where you like.  Jack Stack is different as it is a seated dining experience!  There are times that you want a nicer experience with good cocktails, so it works.   The trade off is you will not walk in and smell barbecue, but trust it is being cooked the same!

The Drinks

Jack Stack BBQ Kansas City-2

Kansas City Lemonade

Here is one of the biggest draws for Jack Stack.  They have cocktails!  I sat back and tried to think of a time that I had cocktails with barbecue and came up with nada.  Here is what you should know though,  cocktails and barbecue totally go together.  On this visit, my cousin Troy ordered the Kansas City Lemonade.  He rarely steers me wrong so I followed suit.  This cocktail features a local whiskey, fresh squeezed lemonade and blackberry syrup.  Such a great cocktail!

The Food

Jack Stack BBQ Kansas City-3

My platter!

Jack Stack is known for their baked beans so guess what we ordered? Everything but the baked beans, ha!  I’m not a huge baked beans fan though, just know that if you like baked beans you should definitley order them here.  For my entree, I ordered a two meat plate with brisket and sausage.  The dish came with fries and a cheesy corn side.  In terms of the flavor and the sauce, it fit much of what I have come to expect from KC barbecue.  The flavor comes from the sauce which you slather on top.  Perfection!

Jack Stack BBQ Kansas City-1

Check out this beautiful shrimp my cousin ordered!

The Takeaway

There are so many spots you can visit in KC for barbecue that it can be overwhelming!  I would recommend Jack Stack if you are looking for a nicer spot that does not skip on flavor.

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